Luke - Head of the Style Class

Luke - Head of the Style Class

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Aug 1, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Amazing Looks from Goodwill - August 2017Luke takes the back-to-school cool vibe to the head of the class with this layered, stylish look. The colorful plaid shirt started us off (Coogi brand $2.99) paired with Gap Kids denim pants that were $4.99. A basic look on its own, but we added a gray vest ($2.99) and a kid-sized black blazer ($4.99) to take it to a more fashionable place. We incorporated Luke’s own tennis shoes, because what don’t tennis shoes go with? Now it feels trendy but fun! All the elements are items that totally work together or separately, and that is why Goodwill is a great resource for your children’s clothing! Lots of choices are what you want to have on hand for your kids as they navigate their way to being teachers' pet in style!

From Goodwill:

- Coogi plaid shirt - $2.99
- Gap Kids jeans - $4.99
- Gray vest - $2.99
- Black blazer - $4.99

From Luke:

- Tennis shoes

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