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How I Turned a Pair of Pants I Bought at Goodwill into a Fashionable Face Mask

Posted by Emma J DeBehnke on Jul 29, 2020 9:18:44 AM


It’s fair to say 2020 has been full of surprises. While we’re learning to navigate this “new normal” we’re living in, keeping my family, friends and myself safe has become a priority. And one of the easiest ways I’ve found to do that is by wearing a mask in public.

One rainy afternoon, I was browsing Goodwill and came across a pair of pants from one of my favorite brands, Lilly Pulitzer. I excitedly grabbed them and held them up to check the fit, sadly learning that they were too small and the cut was a bit outdated. Still, I couldn’t let these go – the pattern was just the cutest!

  • First, I threw the pants in the washer to make sure the fabric was clean and ready to wear.
  • Then, I carefully ripped the seams apart and laid the fabric flat.
  • Next, I used a mask template to cut the fabric and the elastic.
  • And finally, I sewed it together

It turned out too cute! You just never know what gems you’re going to find at Goodwill. While I would have loved my new pair of Lilly Pulitzer pants, now have a fun and fashionable face mask!

Need help creating a recycled mask? Want to purchase your own recycled mask? Feel free to send me a message on Instagram!


Topics: recycle, Goodwill DIY, COVID-19, Face Mask

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