Being Green

When you shop or donate items to Goodwill you are greeted by staff in shirts that say "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" that share our message of environmental sustainability. The idea of being green has always been an underlying philosophy of our business and extends throughout our entire organization.

Did you know that Goodwill is one of the greenest organizations on the planet? You may not realize it, but when you donate or shop at Goodwill, you set in motion a whole series of earth-friendly activities. Every item you donate or purchase at a Goodwill store is one less item thrown away. It's instant recycling. The fact is, Goodwill was green before it became the trend that it is today, and we are proud of our commitment to preserving the environment.

Goodwill Facts

Did you know that in 2018 alone Goodwill recycled 4.7 million pounds of electronics and kept 165.8 million pounds of material out of landfills? Plus, all of your donated items are used to support our mission of providing training, employment and supportive services for people with disabilities or disadvantages who seek greater independence.

Here's a few other important ways Goodwill helped sustain the health of our environment in 2018:

  • 8,888,044 pounds of materials recycled
  • 3,950,472 pounds of cardboard was recycled 
  • 2,574,965 pounds of computers received/recycled 
  • 2.3 million pounds of documents were shredded and recycled
  • 2,385 tons of electronics were recycled


Goodwill E-cycle
Goodwill E-cycle

Goodwill E-cycle is our electronics recycling and refurbishment operation, addressing the growing issue of electronic waste. As the pace of technology continues to increase, so does the volume of items like computers, tablets and phones that need to be recycled or refurbished.

Goodwill has been recycling and repurposing since our beginnings over 100 years ago. We were green long before it was popular, and sustainability is an important part of all Goodwill operations. Goodwill E-cycle aligns with our commitment to being green by keeping millions of pounds of electronic waste out of landfills. Bringing the electronics processing in-house is a natural fit for our organization and our mission of being socially and environmentally responsible.

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