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Amazing Looks from Goodwill - January 2019

Vera - Elegant Sophistication

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Jan 3, 2019 1:52:02 PM
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Amazing Looks from Goodwill - January 2019Vera goes dramatic and monochromatic in this classy, dressed up look. If you read my Amazing Looks descriptions each month, you’ll see that here we did exactly what I always preach—make sure to always check out the coats and dresses first when you’re shopping at Goodwill. Why? Because a great coat or dress usually holds up well, and this is definitely the case with what Vera is wearing here. In fact, Vera herself found this beautiful black wool with fur trim coat from Alorna/NY at a Goodwill store near her home in Illinois. So, all I had to do was pair it with a beautiful Ralph Lauren dress I found at Goodwill for $9.99. The shoes were also from Goodwill (also found by Vera). This is definitely a perfect picture of elegance, style, and sophistication all in one outfit! Bravo for this kick-off to a new and more fashionable year ahead.

From Goodwill:

- Ralph Lauren dress - $9.99

From Vera:

- Alorna/NY black wool with fur trim coat (found at Goodwill)
- Shoes (found at Goodwill)

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