Amazing Looks from Goodwill - July 2018

Charley - The Perfect Summer Dress

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Jul 1, 2018 12:00:00 AM
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Amazing Looks from Goodwill - July 2018Charley shows us how a perfect print and a stylish dress can really take you to memorable summer fashion—instantly! This Soprano brand floral print dress was just $6.99. The deep saturation of the colors in the print itself is why this dress works so well. I always love a dark background floral because it feels a bit more sophisticated and has a greater style impact. This is more “summer fun” than “Little House on the Prairie” for sure! Charley had her favorite flip flops with her when we took these photos, and they’re always a perfect companion to a great summer dress. I added some golden yellow “attitude glasses” to bring a little humor and playfulness to this awesome look. TIP: Go to the dress rack first when hitting one of our well-organized Goodwill stores and see what you can score!

From Goodwill:

- Soprano floral-print dress - $6.99
- Statement glasses - $3.99

From Charley:

- Banana Republic flip flops


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