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Damara - Mixing It Up with Bright Colors

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Mar 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM
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Amazing Looks - March Amazing Looks - March Amazing Looks - March Amazing Looks - MarchDamara, is one bright and sunny lady! Her personality shines through no matter what she wears, so that’s why I complemented her disposition with some bright fashion choices. Mixing patterns seems like it would be tough but it really isn’t. Focus on items that complement, but don’t match necessarily. As a base we used neutral cropped pants from AB Studio for $4.99, and her own wedge-heeled shoes in tan. These wide-leg capris are all the rage again in fashion so keep your eye out for some when you’re shopping!  The top is a green/blue print from Exertec for $3.99 and it served as a great foil for the orange Mossimo cardigan ($4.99) and the Ensign coral blazer ($6.99). Since both tones are similar, they work well together or separately! Remember, that cool tones work well with warmer tones and the colors just really pop here when we put it all in the style blender! A patterned scarf, as well as a cool dangly necklace ($3.99), were all she needed to make this look into a memorable fashion statement. Bright always makes right when you sparkle like Damara does in another Amazing Look brought to you by our team!

Damara's Favorite Items: Capris, jacket and sweater 

“I love them all! They're so comfortable and I love the colors.”

From Goodwill:

  • Exertec – green/blue top - $3.99

  • Mossimo - orange cardigan - $4.99

  • AB Studio – khaki capris - $4.99

  • Dangly necklace - $3.99

From Damara:

  • Wedge heels

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