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Rachel - Trendy Layered Look

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Feb 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM
Amazing Looks - February 2015Amazing Looks - February 2015Amazing Looks - February 2015Amazing Looks - February 2015Amazing Looks - February 2015Amazing Looks - February 2015Amazing Looks - February 2015

Rachel is our model this month, and at the time of the photo shoot she was just about to have her second child! This month our focus in on blazers, so we did a trendy layered look for this lovely mom that looks fashionable, yet fun. When it comes to clothing, we all know nothing fits like, or feels better, than a great pair of jeans! So here we started by using Rachel’s own dark-wash jeans as a base. From there we added a black, white, and tan print blouse from Lane Bryant which adds some contrast and texture to our bohemian look. Next up is a terrific black blazer with an easy fit that can accommodate her changing figure in just the right ways. This one is a high-quality piece from JH Collectible, and the cut of it worked so well with the lovely blouse! The lengths of both were perfect for allowing us to leave the blouse untucked! Now on to the fun part ... the accessories. A cool, vintage-style medallion necklace draws the eye up and the cool sunglasses, as well as an awesome vintage straw hat help frame her radiant face. Some small drop earrings with pearls and a beaded bracelet are all we needed to complete this daytime look. The tan flats are a wardrobe staple that Rachel brought with her to the shoot. FYI, neutral color shoes such black, nude and brown should always be the backbone of your footwear collection. These colors can be combined effortlessly with almost anything you might wear, so make sure to have a wide variety!  Rachel comes across here as comfortable, funky, and above all, happy!

Rachel's Favorite Item: Lane Bryant blouse

“It's really lightweight and doesn't look like a maternity top.”

From Goodwill:

  • Lane Bryant - black/off-white/tan blouse - $3.99

  • JH Collectible - black blazer - $6.99

  • Pearl drop earrings - $2.99

  • Clear beaded bracelet - $4.99

  • Straw hat - $4.999

  • Gold, vintage necklace - $8.99

From Rachel:

  • Dark-wash jeans

  • Tan flats

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