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Charley - Schoolgirl Glam

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Sep 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM
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Charley, our grade school age model, shows us that some girls really like to glam it up! Sophisticated tones of black, gray and pink in an amusing pattern on this tunic dress from Haven Girl, was just the beginning for this pint size fashionista.  From that auspicious start we brought out the black velvet jacket from Cherokee, that adds both warmth and a little edge to our very stylish little girl. While we were doing the photo shoot Charley insisted on helping us with accessories, so she slipped on a silver ring, faux turquoise and silver earrings, and a long silver necklace that made her feel less drab and a lot more fab! Utilizing her favorite go-to leggings in black (for girls her age, you just can’t have too many pairs of leggings!) and her own sparkly silver flats, this little dynamo shows us that over the top can sometimes work perfectly! She naturally has a great eye! Goodwill is a wonderful place to allow your kids to explore the world of fashion, with a price tag that any parent can definitely get behind. Charley really rocks this look with ease and confidence!

Charley's Favorite Item: Haven Girl gray, pink, black tunic dress

"I like the dress, because it’s colorful and has pink in it."

From Goodwill:

  • Haven Girl gray, pink, black tunic dress - $2.99
  • Cherokee black velvet jacket - $3.99
  • Silver stretch ring - $2.99
  • Turquoise/silver earrings - $4.99
  • Silver necklace - $3.99

From Charley:

  • Black tights
  • Sparkly flats

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