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James - Modern Urban

Posted by Holly Hirsch on Feb 19, 2012 3:28:00 PM
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James's Favorite Item:
U.S. Military Tanker Boots

"They're very comfortable and there aren't any laces for me to worry about. I don't want to look like anyone else, so I try to include unique and funky items.”

James represents the modern urban man. He isn't afraid to mix it all up and come up with his own unique look. Utilizing only his fashion forward military boots as a base, Bjorn started layering it all together starting with the Axist slacks done in a dark chocolate brown with tan pinstripes. Did you know that pinstripes, plaids and checks, when done in monochromatic tones, are neutral and can be combined quite easily? To keep that theme going, he added the black Haggar button down shirt and set it off with a blue, cream and brown striped necktie. As previously mentioned, the houndstooth pattern of the all silk Gino Rossi sport coat acts as a neutral. The other darker tones really hlep make the texture and pattern pop! Last but not least, James himself added in his black leather studded belt, and chain wallet for up-to-the-minute city style. This looks is a great example of tonal combinations creating sophisticated ensembles.

From Goodwill:

  • Haggar button-down black shirt - 3.99
  • Axist brown with tan pinstripe slacks - 3.99
  • Gino Rossi silk houndstooth blazer - 6.99
  • Blue, cream and brown striped tie - 1.49

From James:

  • Belt with chain
  • U.S. Military tanker boots

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