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Gwen - Stand-Out Looks for Summer

Posted by Holly Hirsch on Jul 17, 2012 10:40:00 AM
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Gwen's Favorite Item:
Black heels with ruffle strap

"I love these shoes because they dress up almost any outfit.”

It’s all about the easy breezy top for Gwen’s outfit this month. This illustrates just how essential it is to find a few tops that are embellished to add to your summer wardrobe. Here Gwen is wearing a sweet, deep pink Olivia Moon top that has a wonderful drape, as well as some rosette detail of the same fabric that give it architectural interest. It’s important to note that this top is actually more of a tunic so it does give some coverage when paired with leggings like the ones that are our models favorite “go to” item in her closet. To dress up this look a little more, we’ve added lots of accessories like the turquoise dangle earrings, the turquoise and silver cross necklace, and a couple of bracelets. One bracelet is a sparkly purple, and the other, a charm bracelet with crosses and other religious icons. To make it all a little dressier, Gwen opted for her own black heels with ruffled straps. This is definitely a stand out look that relies on the tunic for its style impact.

From Goodwill:

  • Olivia Moon - tunic drape, purple spandex -4.99
  • Earrings - turquoise dangle - .99
  • Bracelet - purple sparkly - 1.99
  • Bracelet - silver/religious icons - 1.99
  • Necklace - silver cross with turquoise - 1.99

From Gwen

  • Black leggings
  • Black heels

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