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Annisa - Fashion-Forward Look for Summer

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jun 1, 2015 11:29:00 AM
Annisa - Amazing Looks June 2015Annisa - Amazing Looks June 2015Annisa - Amazing Looks June 2015Annisa - Amazing Looks June 2015Annisa - Amazing Looks June 2015AL_June2015_Annisa_composite

Annisa is a teenage lady, so she knows what’s cool and what isn’t. When we put this look for early summer together, I was thrilled that she really liked it! This layered-look is perfect for this time of year - especially given the fluctuation in temperatures. We put three pieces, which are interesting and unique on their own, together for one very fashion-forward look! Pleats are all the rage, so this Forever 21 mini in gray, pink and black was a great place to start this look. Embellished t-shirts are always a good option for layering on some style in the unpredictable summer months. This one from Merona, was only $2.99 and features a metallic deer head! Topping it all off is a blue-and-tan jacket that’s a lightweight wonder of versatility, and at $4.99 could work with so many different outfits!  Accessories are kept to a minimum here, and feature an embellished cross, a simple gray, and an “I Heart Boys” bracelets, which keeps it all young and fresh just like Annisa! The cool boots are our model’s own, and will work year-round to keep her on the cutting edge of style!  TIP: When shopping at Goodwill ALWAYS check out the shoe area, you never know what you’re going to find, in or out of season. So don’t pass up those cool boots in the heat of July, you may need them come fall!

Annisa's Favorite Item: Forever 21 skirt

“It's really fun, and I love it with this outfit.”

From Goodwill:

  • Merona - embellished t-shirt - $2.99

  • Forever 21 – gray/pink/black pleated skirt - $3.99

  • Michael Blair – blue & tan jacket - $4.99

  • Embellished cross bracelet - $.49

  • Gray bracelet - $.49

  • "I Heart Boys" bracelet - $.49

From Annisa:

    • Gray boots


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