Summer 2016 Home Trends

Summer can be tricky season to decorate in. There’s less of a transition than what we’d normally see from winter to spring, or summer to fall. But that shouldn’t stop us from adding a touch of the season’s best, right? Summer this year is all about the feeling you’re trying to achieve – you’ll see what we mean when you take a look at this season’s trends: embroidery, wall hooks, cachepots and faded hues.


Why it made the list:

There’s something really charming and classic about the look of embroidery on home décor. We love that summer is taking this textured look and giving it a whimsical feel.

Pull it off:

You’ll see it lending unique texture to decorative pillows, curtains, throws and even wall décor. Curtains with embroidery can really add that special touch to a bedroom or den. Embroidery on decorative pillows works really nicely in a casual family room. Do you do your own embroidery? Shop Goodwill for a new-to-you frame and hang your favorite pieces!


Wall HooksWall Hooks

Why they made the list:

Hanging items isn’t just for organizing anymore! More and more, the hook itself is becoming its own home décor accessory. We can’t get enough of the unique style of hooks sprouting up this season.

Pull them off:

Entryways are perfect for a gathering of hooks to hang keys, purses or accessories. We also love the unique look of wall hooks in the dining room – add string to picture frames filled with your favorite foodie photos or handwritten recipes for a really neat touch! When it comes to the style of wall hooks – look for a set that really highlights the current feel of your home. This allows the hooks to lend themselves seamlessly to the décor. From leather trimmed and wood-grain to the use of door knobs, there’s a wall hook for every home.


Why they made the list:

The name ‘cachepot’ comes from the French term cache-pot, meaning “hiding a pot.” These do just that! Cachepots act as a cover for plastic planters – giving them a fancier, more unique feel. We love the possibilities these decorative pieces offer! With that variety of colors, materials, and sizes, you’re sure to find one that that fits your space.

Pull them off:

As you begin to up-the-ante on your garden this season, remember that a cachepot can really add a lot of visual appeal to the outdoor space. Look for a unique shape or pattern to make yours stand out! Want something one-of-a-kind. Look to Goodwill for oversize clay pots that you can add your own paint to!

Faded HuesFaded Hues

Why they made the list:

Although summer makes us think of bright, sunny tones, this season’s paint trends are leaning toward more subtle, faded ones. With the busyness of summer schedules, we’re more than okay with coming back to a home with relaxing hues, aren’t you?

Pull them off:

These aged tones play off of the vintage trend that (we hope) will never go away. A great way to get this look on your own is to paint your wall or furniture a soft color and distress it yourself with sand paper. Our favorite places to see faded hues on walls are in bedrooms, bathrooms, and little reading nooks! If you’re not ready to take to the walls with a faded look, you can still accomplish the trend in furniture pieces. Look to Goodwill for a coffee table or small dresser that can add your own DIY faded touch to.