Spring 2017 Clothing Trends

While we’re not ready to break out the swimsuits and flip-flops just yet, there’s something invigorating about spring, and this year’s trends, that has us ready to take on the months ahead. This season’s trends have a strong emphasis on detail and shape; we can’t wait to add them to our closet!

Vacation Prints Vacation Prints

Vacation Prints

Spring break anyone? This trend is such a refreshing change from winter knits. We’re talking beachy stripes, tropical prints and splashy florals! Wear them on dresses, rompers, blouses and accessories!

Images: www.theteacherdiva.com and www.lyst.com



Sleeves and Slits Sleeves and Slits

Shoulders & Slits

We couldn’t decide which trend we liked more here, so we’re featuring both. And, they’re all about the sleeves! First up is the one-side off-the-shoulder look. This gives a relaxed yet flirty feel to the look. Another option, and one we’re seeing everywhere, are sleeve slits. Just enough skin to add some allure to your outfit, while keeping the sophistication level high!

Images: www.sesamestylestudio.com and www.rw-co.com




We’re pretty sure hoodies will never go out of style, but this season’s sporty trend is giving them, and other sportswear, a look that is less casual and more stylish. This allows for clean lines, crisp fabrics and pops of color. The finished look is definitely one that works for weeknight errands and weekend outings with friends. And, you can’t beat the comfort factor!

Image: www.katiquettestyle.blogspot.com

Pink Hues

Pink Hues

No bubble-gum, cutesy pink here. This season’s pink trend is one that pops! This bold hue is popping up in full outfits and accessories, so if you’re not ready to make the leap to a bright pink romper (even if it is completely fabulous), you can start small with a fuchsia-pink handbag or sunglasses!