Spring 2016 Home Trends

Keeping with the organic feeling that spring carries, our home décor trends are all about textures and hues that come naturally to the look of the space – almost like they had been there all along.

Serenity blue
Serenity Blue

Why it made the list:

We couldn’t possibly get through spring without giving a nod to one of Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year! Serenity blue is as peaceful as its name implies, yet moody and intriguing at the same time. We feel calmer just thinking about it!

Pull it off:

You can place touches of this hue in any space and it will look like it has been there all along! When we think serene, we think of the bedroom. Add serenity blue in your bed sheets or comforter for an overall calming look, or start more subtly with touches of the color in your wall décor, lamp shades or decorative pillows.

Tip: If you don’t find any home décor pieces that come in a serenity blue tone, make them! Goodwill is a great place to find picture frames, pillows, lamp shades and more that can work as your base. Just a touch of serenity blue paint or revamp of a serenity blue shirt (for your pillow case) and you’re set!

Photo: www.digsdigs.com


Why it made the list:

We love textures throughout the home! Although this may seem like a fairly broad trend, the natural textures that are popular this season keep your home feeling refreshed, clean and calm. Look to grainy woods, burlap and faux fur to be the main stars of this trend.

texturePull it off:

Our absolute favorite way to incorporate texture is on the wall! It’s unexpected and can really become a focal point. Textured wallpaper can be a bit of an undertaking, so start small; textured sheets of scrapbook paper added inside picture frames can give an equally unique effect! And, we know a great place to find inexpensive frames!

Tip: Utilizing items you already have around the home, or everyday items from Goodwill, is a great base for adding texture. Parts from old furniture or even a collection of rulers (as shown) can really add that touch of personality your home décor craves.

Photos: www.lushome.com and www.care2.com

Fabric lampshades
Fabric Lampshades

Why they made the list:

Don’t just add light to your home; give it character with fabric lampshades! We adore the charming prints that designers are using this season.  You’ll find shades in a variety of colors and patterns, making this trend an easy one to incorporate into your space’s current style.

Pull it off:

It all starts with the look you want to achieve. If you want your lampshade to be fun, yet work with your current décor, you’ll want to pull colors or patterns from your pre-existing space. This will really pull the whole look together.  Or, another option is to make your lampshade the inspiration for the rest of the room! Find a color, print or texture that really stands out. Then, pull in throw pillows, window shades and other small décor items that complement the lampshade while still allowing it to be the focal point!

Photo: www.indulgy.com

statement pendant lights
Statement Pendant Lights

Why they made the list:

Pendant lights above the dining table, entryway and even the bathroom add so much character. This season’s unique take on them is presenting us with geometric shapes, industrial materials and a rainbow of colors to choose from – we love options!

Pull it off:

Lighting is key to home décor. Similar to fabric lampshades, make yours stand out… this time with a pendant light. We love when geometric pendant lights become the focal point of a space. A reading nook, entryway, or corner office adorned with a metal geometric pendant light really adds character!

Photo: www.fassebldgsblog.squarespace.com