Spring 2016 Clothing Trends

We’re feeling very refreshed by the trends blooming this spring! Our clothing trends are all about simple lines and shapes that give an effortless feel to the clothing or accessory piece. So go ahead; begin your transition into criss-cross tops, half-moon purses, slip dresses and mule flats.

Criss-cross topCriss-cross Tops

Why they made the list:

There’s something so effortless about the fit on criss-cross tops. They’re comfortable, slimming and come in a variety of fabrics. We love that they’re a simple way to change up the look of a standard blouse, especially when you’re on the hunt for outfits that transition from the office to a night out!

Pull it off:

Start your day off a cardigan over your criss-cross top. The bottom of these tops can be pretty flowy, so ankle pants complement them really well. Because the actual shape of the top is eye-catching enough, try not to mix too many patterns between your criss-cross top and your cardigan. You’re already set to head out for a date night after work; simply slip off the cardigan and let your criss-cross top do the talking!

Photo:  www.thefashionspot.au

Half-moon purse
Half-Moon Purse

Why it made the list:

You are going to start seeing this shape of bag everywhere. With the variety of fabrics and sizes available, we couldn’t be more excited! And did we mention many of these purses have detachable straps so you can change up the look? Score!

Pull it off:

Whether your style is more bohemian, or sophisticated-sleek, there’s a half-moon purse out there for you! Stick to neutral leather colors for either look. This keeps your purse versatile, no matter where you’re donning it. The purse strap is definitely where you can let some personality shine through. Change the strap to a contrasting color, or look for one with a little texture if that’s your look for the day!

Tip: Get crafty with your purse straps! Do you have a knack for sewing? A fun belt from Goodwill can be revamped into a purse strap to make it truly one-of-a-kind!

Photo: www.susiesoso.blogspot.com


Slip dressSlip Dress

Why it made the list:

Slip dressInspired by the silky comfort of lingerie, the slip dress is subtly sexy, intriguing and totally chic. While some garments can test the limits on “appropriate street wear,” we love that designers have found a way to capture the allure of silk in a way that’s perfectly feminine and sophisticated.

Pull it off:

We can’t get enough of this look when it’s paired with a button-down shirt (either cinched to the side or tied around the waist). This keeps your look sophisticated without being too revealing. Some of our favorite hues we’ve found these dresses in are done in royal tones. This is especially great for skin tones that may not be at their summer-bronze phase yet! Keep your accessories soft like your dress. Simple flats or sneakers are always a sure bet.

Tip: This trend is a fun way to give another life to your favorite button-down shirt from home, or perhaps a great leather jacket that you find at Goodwill!

Photos: www.thefashionspot.com and www.fashionvibe.net 

Mule flats
Mule Flats

Why they made the list:

The new flats of the season are mule flats! Talk about comfortable; these flats are reminiscent of slippers in their style and shape. We love them for their versatility and the sleek look they’ve taken on for spring.

Pull it off:

You’ll find mule flats in a variety of colors, but we personally think you can never go wrong in neutral-colored leather! Pair this with your favorite top and pair of skinny jeans and you’ll be set for an afternoon with the girls. These are totally work appropriate too; rock a pair of black leather mule flats with black or gray trousers.

Photo: www.sightingwaldorf.blogspot.com