Fall 2017 Home Trends

Goodwill Fall Tips and Trends - Dark Green

Dark Green

While the green in the leaves might be fading, green inside the house is definitely in for the season! For a natural and comfortable room, pair dark green cabinets or decorations with wood and other earthy elements.

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Goodwill Fall Tips and Trends - High Contrast

High Contrast

While summer is usually known for its bright and bold hues, this fall it’s all about high contrast and saturated colors. Try mixing prints and textures and playing up simple furniture with colorful blankets and pillows.

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Goodwill Fall Tips and Trends - Quirky Lighting Fixtures




Quirky Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are a great way to show off your personality and this fall, we encourage you be creative and try something unusual! Try repurposing or upcycling old household objects into lamps or get creative with water pipes and rope to hang unique light fixtures in your dining room.

(Image source: http://bengkel.kaodim.com)

Goodwill Tips and Trends - Velvet Furniture





Velvet Furniture

Fall fashion aside, velvet furniture is also a big home trend this season. If you’re feeling bold, try finding a velvet sofa or headboard and paring it with brass and other jewel-toned color palettes for a warm and classic look.

(Image source: www.decorpad.com)