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Summertime Cool Kids

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jul 28, 2016 10:40:25 AM

Summer Cool KidsDesigner Kathleen Hanhee Kye and her fashion brand KYE is a favorite at Fashion Weeks around the world for its exuberant take on street culture and design for the young and impossibly hip. That being said, it doesn’t at all take away from the fact that this Korean designer really knows her way around tailoring and modern silhouettes. Her aesthetic is summed up by the following statement from her bio on the NYFW site, “Her label KYE features designs focused on rendering wit, humor, and fun, rather than those heavily loaded with trendy details. KYE’s strength lies in its funky yet high-end streetwear vibe combined with the designer’s unique styling aesthetics. She is particularly acclaimed for her flair to translate artistic motifs into creations that actually appeal to consumers. KYE is being showcased by more than 50 prestigious stores across the globe.” 

With the slideshow of photographs below taken at NYFW, you’ll definitely see the populist reach of her appeal. Note the whimsical elements and a nod to what’s happening with the youth quake of today.  

Trends to spot:

  • High-waist shorts
  • Maxi skirts
  • Athletic inspiration
  • Sweaters
  • Fun prints
  • Daytime sequins
  • Knit dresses
  • Bell bottom pants
  • Color blocking

What’s really fun about her Spring and Summer 2016 Collection shown here is that it’s ultimately something unique, as well as something that would be easy to wear, and to emulate!  The oversized shorts and shirts for guys is a great look! The cropped tops and high-waist shorts could be flattering on almost any woman. The bright colors and prints feel new and vintage at the same time.  Dare to be different and experiment with your style this summer. It’s easy and you can support Goodwill’s mission at the same time! 

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