Goodwill Fashion Expert—Bjorn Nasett

Wisconsin farm boy, Bjorn Nasett has a career that spans 30 years. He enjoys being a writer, wardrobe stylist, vintage and resale clothing expert, hair stylist, makeup artist and photographer! In his spare time he adopts senior dogs and strongly believes in pet adoption. Check out his website!

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Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Feb 5, 2020 9:32:52 AM

Daytime to Date-Time!

Going to go out to dinner or a movie with your significant other right after work? You want to feel special, but don’t have time to run home and primp? Take my advice, and all you’ll need to do is three simple things to go from work to WOW in just a few minutes.

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Dec 10, 2017 5:52:15 PM

3 Legging Looks!

Love them or hate them, leggings are here to stay. For a lot of women leggings are an easy alternative to jeans and slacks. But, I have to say that as a rule, leggings should always be worn with a top or dress that has some coverage. I mean, if you’re working out at the gym then this rule could be broken, but as daytime or nightwear, it’s always better to opt for a modicum of modesty.   

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Sep 15, 2017 3:04:08 PM

Fall Florals

Just because fall is on the way doesn’t mean you need to put away the florals just yet. Depending on their colors, floral patterns can and should be worn year-round. I’ve collected a few examples here of how to wear floral patterns right on into the fall.

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Sep 8, 2017 12:35:08 PM

Flannel IS Fashion!

Flannel shirts for men and women are always on the must-have list for this time of year. When you’re out shopping at Goodwill, take a look and see if you can find one for yourself! I was inspired by the way Nautica paired flannel shirts with a casual tie when I took in their show at New York Fashion Week a few years back. It’s another way to get more use out of our favorite fabric, and bring a new idea for styling. 

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Aug 30, 2017 12:34:31 PM

Labor Day Getaway Wardrobe

With the last holiday weekend of the summer ahead, planning for comfort and style is important when attending family functions, picnics and festivals. Most times the events will err on the more casual side, so pulling together some workable pieces is really easy with these tips on what to pack, and wear as we say goodbye to summer.

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Aug 23, 2017 2:00:04 PM

5 Easy Pieces

There’s a fashion formula that all the stars know, and you can too! I call it their “off-duty” look. I recently saw photos of Julia Roberts in Paris just casually strolling down the street while looking quite stylish. What was she wearing? A variation on a theme of menswear, that’s what. There are just a five elements you’ll need to pull this look together for yourself:

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Aug 15, 2017 10:14:07 AM

Amazing Looks - Behind the Scenes Part Two

Have you ever wondered how we pull off all those Amazing Looks from Goodwill that we showcase on our website every month? Watch Goodwill Fashion Expert, Bjorn Nasett as he takes you behind the scenes of our two-day photo shoot with John Grant Photography.

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Aug 8, 2017 3:53:24 PM

Dressing Area DIY!

I’ve been a thrift shopper ever since I was a little kid, that’s why working with Goodwill all these years has been a blessing for me. I love sharing ideas on how items you can find at our stores, or elsewhere, can help develop and transform your personal style. For example, I have an enormous and unconventional bedroom without a traditional closet space, so I had to come up with a way to create an area where all my clothes and accessories can be stored. 

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Jul 18, 2017 2:35:05 PM

Amazing Looks - Behind the Scenes

Follow Goodwill Fashion Expert, Bjorn as he selects the models and clothing for the annual Goodwill Amazing Looks Photo Shoot, photographed by fashion photographer, John Grant.

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Jul 12, 2017 7:24:34 PM

Sleeveless Is More

There are summer staples like knit t-shirts and tank tops of course, but this week I prefer to look at more stylish options for the discriminating fashionista. Goodwill is a great source for exploration in the world of fashion. At Goodwill everything is arranged by size, color and the type of garment it is. I decided to look for some cool summer tops, or sleeveless blouses that could dress up or down with just about anything you pair it with.

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Jul 6, 2017 3:18:31 PM

A State of Fashion

Fashion isn’t just about what we wear, but why we wear it. Clothing isn’t just something to keep us warm, but an indicator of how we live our lives. This summer the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, Wisconsin is featuring “A State of Fashion” now through September 17th. I was asked to do a fashion talk there last week and was so impressed with the museum that I wanted to share it with you through my photographs below in the slideshow.

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Jun 28, 2017 6:33:20 PM

DIY Boho Tote

Sometimes when I shop at Goodwill, although it’s very rare, I DON’T have an idea of what I’m looking for. But those are days when I’m looking to be inspired by color, texture or pattern for a recycling project. This week I decided to use my $5 Club Goodwill reward to shop. I thought it would be a challenge to spend ONLY the $5. While I was looking through the craft section I noted that there were plastic handles for tote bags for $1.99, and that got me thinking that I could make a tote out from the fabric of a garment, to utilize them.