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Halloween Skeleton Make Up 1, 2, 3!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Oct 9, 2014 10:05:00 AM

Halloween makeupThere is no easier way to do a scary Halloween costume than using make up to turn yourself, or your child, into a creature of the night! All things ghoulish are the way to go for a haunted Halloween. My friend Jonathan Carthell recently posted a photo of himself done up in a simple skeleton make up that is very effective and easy to do. He allowed me to use his picture so that I could show you just how fast and fun it would be to do your own version of this classic and creepy, might I add, transformation!  

Did you know that at all our Goodwill stores we also carry simple make up kits that are inexpensive and easy to use? Here’s a few I bought this year, although you would only need the one for black and white to achieve this look. The big bonus here is that it was only 99 cents!  It comes with a black grease pencil and a white grease pencil to define lines and do details as well as black and white in a pan that can be used for covering larger areas.

Halloween makeupStep 1.  Using the white pan and your fingertips or a cosmetic sponge apply the white all over the face, neck and lips, blending for an even tone throughout.  

Step 2.  Using the black grease pencil outline the eye sockets and fill in with the black cream in the pan using your fingertips or another cosmetic sponge. Create cheekbones and contour the sides of the nose with two triangular shapes using a pencil first and filling in like the eye sockets.

Step 3.  To make the creepy looking teeth, close your mouth and draw tooth like lines on the upper and lower lip.  

Halloween makeupThese are just the basics of course, but just look how great Jonathan’s make up is! With just a few minutes of your time, you could easily create your own brand of skeleton to shake up your Halloween party, or trick or treating!  

To complete the look take a nylon stocking or tights in black or white and create a skull cap that fits tightly over your head and completely covers your hair. Wear all black so just the spectre of your haunted face shows in the dark … you may also want to add some black gloves, a long cape or coat and maybe even a hat of some kind.  The sky is the limit once your make up is done!  

Keep in mind that the makeup sold in these kits comes off easily with soap and water, but be careful not to get it on good clothing or towels! Use something you don’t mind getting stained as a washcloth. For 99 cents, you should be able to do this make up two or three times on yourself or your child!  

Like all good things, Halloween should be fun AND safe, so make sure to read all the instructions on the makeup kits we sell to achieve the best results.  

Year round Goodwill provides you with opportunities to transform yourself, your home, and the lives of others who might need some help … there’s certainly nothing very creepy about that! Now go and have a howling good time this Halloween!

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