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5 Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Oct 9, 2020 4:01:27 PM


2020 may be turning out to be a little more trick than treat, but rest assured – a pandemic is no match for Spooky Season.

Traditional festivities may be on hold, but there are plenty of Halloween hijinks that can be safely executed with a little help from your local Goodwill. With a little gumption, favorite seasonal staples can easily be retooled to fit the times. Check out some of our favorite ideas below:

1. Host a Virtual Costume Contest

One of the best parts about Halloween is putting together a costume, and there’s no reason why that has to change in 2020. Show off your look via live stream with family and friends. Too much? No problem, just send photos in a group thread.


2. Decorate a Halloween Tree

This one goes out to all the people who look forward to whipping out the Christmas tree as soon as the rest of their family will allow: it’s your time to shine. This year, set the tree up a month early and decorate it twice! Add skulls, pumpkins, spiders, bats and webbing to complete your ode to the macabre.

ABOVE: Learn how to transform an unused, artificial Christmas tree into a stunning Halloween tree. Click here for more.

3. Organize a Festive Front Yard Face-Off

Front yard, or graveyard? Bring the block together to see who can create the greatest house of haunt, then take your family on a walk to gaze upon your neighbors’ creations…if you dare.


ABOVE: Goodwill customer makes "bone-chilling" Halloween display with merchandise from Goodwill. Click here to read story from TMJ4 News.


4. Create a Spooky Snack Spread

Bubble up a new brew in a black cauldron to pour into single servings. Whether conjuring up veggies to arrange in the shape of a skeleton or concocting baked goods in the shape of phalanges, a good snack spread is always a surefire way to BOOst spirits. Artfully arrange with themed platters and one-portion utensils to complete the mood.

ABOVE: Goodwill Halloween Decor Expert Merri Cvetan provides some easy, affordable DIY crafts that you can find and create in minutes to create a spooky table setting.

5. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Are you scared of the dark? Amp up the thrill factor by sending kids on a nighttime scavenger hunt. Repurpose Easter eggs by adding glow sticks to light up in a dark basement, backyard, or nearby park. Add goody bags with candy or trinkets next to each glowing egg to fill the trick-or-treat sized hole in their hearts.

Glow Sticks

Ready to Get Started?

Enjoy the frights and delights this hallowed season brings while keeping the pandemic at bay. Check out a Goodwill location near you to gather all the goodies you need.

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