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Fall Fashion Triple Play!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Sep 17, 2015 10:27:39 AM

kenzie_1That means having items in your wardrobe that can segue from the hot and humid last gasps of summer in September, all the way to the inevitable winter of November. I’m going to show you how a few items of clothing, foundation pieces, that can create looks to work through this transitional time of year.

I decided that denim, the workhorse of fashion, is what should be featured on these pages. It is our foundation piece for all of these looks. Denim is the great equalizer. Everyone can wear denim in one way or another, but for our purposes I focused on a fantastic denim jumper by Aqua Blues found at one of our stores for $5.99. It was made of 95% cotton denim with 5% spandex for some stretch. The dark blue indigo color looked fresh and it also had topstitching and some darting to help create a nice fit. These are details that will make any garment more versatile in your wardrobe.

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