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Boys' Club

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Apr 23, 2015 4:17:36 PM

gold standardWho says it’s just the ladies who get to have some fun with fashion? Not me. I’m a firm believer that men and boys can really get into dressing stylishly when given some food for thought. This week I’m introducing you to the Spring and Summer 2015 Collection from Spanish designer, Custo Barcelona. His exuberant, playful, and funky designs for men and women are a little over-the-top in the best way possible. Colorful, casual, and just plain cool … let’s take a look at some of the dudes who walked the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC.

1. The gold standard, meaning goldenrod, along with other complementary tones in this beach bum look. The fun accessories, like the messenger bag and the awesome gold slip-on deck shoes make it seem like every day is a sunny day!

Shiny materials2. Shiny materials mixed with prints and pastels aren’t for the everyday guy, but they could definitely bring out the rocker in anyone! The blanket print coat is a great way to pull it all together.

Going green3. Going green in more ways than one is evident in this look. The chartreuse slacks are an intermediate tone between yellow and green, but look how well they work with the bright jacket, as well as, the brown shoes and tan/beige shirt. Another messenger bag keeps your pants pockets from bulging with all your gear!

Tone-on-ton4. Tone-on-tone with just a little bit of shoulder detail is a very cool look. Here we see the popular and trending sweat pant as daywear. Monochromatic has never looked so good.

Red hot coral mixes5. Red hot coral mixes easily with deeper shades in this look. Once again proving the old adage, “better red than dead!” I think my grandma, or someone, used to say that! Here we can also see the sheer trend in fashion with the shirt layered over the tank. Deck shoes and man bags abound!

chartreuse6. That chartreuse shade looks great in these knee-length slim fit shorts. Paired with a polo shirt in neutral tan and brown, and topped with a gray cardigan, this is a look any guy could emulate without feeling too over the top!

striped pants7. The striped pants here are a great choice for a beach vacation! Notice the layering of the sheer shirt and tank again? This is a big trend for men and women this summer for sure.


 Print me up Scotty!8. Print me up Scotty! Mixing this cool tribal print t-shirt in vibrant shades of pink and blue with the shiny look of the pants says rock star all the way! Print t-shirts for men are a great way to up their fashion game, and they can be worn with jeans, shorts, and even khakis! Just remember, inspiration isn’t about copying, but instead finding ways of adapting trends into your existing wardrobe.

Green9. Green is always fresh and summery, especially when it’s put together with other interesting and easy pieces. The soft blazer is a good way to navigate summer fashion. It looks dressed up, but feels like a sweatshirt!  

bad boy in black10. The bad boy in black is always a classic rock-n-roll look. Here we see a smorgasbord of trends - sheer, textured and shiny all at once. This guy looks like he should be fronting a band for sure! 

Elements of each look shown here could definitely be wearable on the right guy. Even a full-on version might literally make waves at a beach near you this summer! But, no matter what your personal style is, starting your search at Goodwill is a wonderful way to start moving in a new-fashion direction. Our stores are organized by style, color, and size, so it’s easy to see if anything catches your eye. Being stylish does have its advantages, especially when you purchase items from Goodwill. When shopping here you’re helping support our mission to empower the less fortunate with job training and more. Now that’s what I call super cool man!

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