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Front Row Fashion

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jun 18, 2014 9:59:00 AM

front row fashionWhile looking through the thousands of photographs that I’ve taken at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, something sort of magical happened. I started to pay attention more closely to the background of the photographs as I searched out the faces of the famous (or, just extremely fashionable people seated in the front row). In some shots, where my focus was off, the clarity of the people who were sitting in the front row watching the show really started telling me a story. I realized just what a feat these front row sitters had to pull off.  That is, being photographed over and over in the background of runway pictures at one of the most fashionable events in the world! To be able to pull together a chic, front row fashionconfident, and ultimately comfortable look, is really a master class in style all on its own. Since the photographs in this blog were taken with a small digital camera from my seat in the theatre, I decided to crop the images to reveal some of the folks in the front row of the S/S 2013 Carlos Miele runway show at MBFW. Brazilian designer Miele, who hails from Sao Paolo, is known for being a master with fabulous flowing gowns, as well as using draping, pattern and print like no one else. You’ll see that from the ethereal looks that float by our front row sitters. Although I may not know their names, I must commend them for looking great and sharing their personal style ideas simply by sitting front and center.

front row fashionThe ladies on the left, both blondes, show us just how chic the use of wisely-chosen separates can be. A slim-black tank top and patterned skirt, with her lightweight-white leather jacket on her lap, our first gal is ladylike perfection. Her jewelry is minimal metallic all the way, and it adds just a touch of shine. Her nude wedges make her legs look miles long. Next to her is a great example of using an animal print in a sleek and stylish way. This silk blouse has fashion punch with its vibrant colors grounded in black. She wisely wears black slim cut jeans and minimal gold accessories. I like her gold sandals that lighten up all the black at the bottom of this look.   

front row fashionNext to her are two more fashionable ladies each with a dark pair of jeans on. One opts for a dark boyfriend blazer, white scarf and teal sandals, while the other chooses a sleeveless blouse with intricate necklace detail, and black ankle booties to complete her look. On the end we have mister suave European-type. He pulls off this look very well, from the aviator shades, artfully draped cotton scarf, dress shirt with navy blazer, linen slacks, and those fantastic shoes!

As you can see all these people take their front row fashionfashion seriously, but they all share many things. Simple well-fitted pieces, jeans, slacks, skirts, paired with blouses, shirts, blazers, and accented by unique, rich-looking accessories, with an emphasis on the footwear. Do you see the similarities?  

You too can be a front-row fashionista by looking at your local Goodwill store for items like the ones our fashionable friends wore. I have always known that great personal style starts by embracing new ideas and seeking to understand the methodology of fashion. And, by helping yourself to some front-row style, you’re also going to help somebody achieve knowledge and self-esteem by supporting our mission.

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