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Ice Cream Couture

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Apr 25, 2013 8:36:00 AM

pastel fashion 21 largePastel or not to pastel, that is the question. Sometimes when I think of pastels, which are pale, soft, powdery colors, I am reminded of the 80’s, but not in a good way! Dreary floral prints and all the leisurewear loveliness of the Golden Girls is what comes to mind. But, you can have confidence that today’s fashion-forward pastel tones owe more to upscale gelato, ice cream and other sweet treats.  While some think that these subdued hues can be dowdy, we’ll discuss which ones are right for just about everyone, as well as how to wear them. 

tumblr mgb4ezEeUG1rqgfhao1 500Tie-dyed and dip-dyed pieces where the color goes from strong to barely there are all the rage right now. Softly muted pastel tones are ideal for a whole range of greens, blues, soft-peachy orange and yellow. Extra points if you get an item from Goodwill and dye it yourself! Since the colors are muted it will seem less like a Grateful Dead reunion and more like a serious style statement.

Pink is absolutely a universally flattering color. There I’ve said it! No matter what you think of pink, in general it is a complementary tone. Go brighter if you have dark hair and eyes, and go lighter if you’re a blonde or redhead. Pink looks great with blue denim, as well as other colors like green and even yellow! If you’re in need of a feeling of spring and summer think pink!

Tealbebe tiered ruffle dip dye dress profileTeal is a color that people love to hate. It can range from the pastel to jewel tone, and again there is a shade that works for most. Go to the greener side of the color for brunettes, and the bluer side for our fair-haired friends. It works well with a number of other colors, and blends seamlessly with other blues as well.

Pistachio green is an earthier side of the green spectrum. It is more like a whisper, where Kelly green is a shout out! This pale green is a good neutral for a lot of people no matter what. It acts as a great foil for brighter colors, and has a crisp yet soft vibe.

White-hot white is a fantastic background for a pale pastel tone. It will bring out the more lively aspects of the color, as well as keep the feeling fresh and light. If you can find a great fitting pair of jeans, Capri pants, or even a shorter pencil skirt, you’ll have a leg up on your spring and summer wardrobe.

m224133552Remember that counteracting the sweetness of these colors with neutral separates in all shades of brown or tan is a good way to go to play up the whisper of color from those popular pastels. Pairing pale tones with other pale is a wonderful look, but be careful with your choices. Washed-out tones can often go the route of frumpy instead of fashionable.

pastel fashion 1What pieces are a “must have” for summer? Separates - both tops and bottoms, including jeans, in one or more of the aforementioned colors. Accessories like shoes and handbags should also be on your must have list. These can easily mix and match with jeans and other items you may already have. You could also look for a dreamy, creamy, dress that makes a statement all its own. Toughen it up a little with some simple metallic jewelry that will help give this soft serve style some needed edge!

Start looking today at the Goodwill Store & Donation Center nearby for smart pieces that you can make into your own stylishly sweet spring and summer fashion. And the cherry on top will be the extremely affordable prices!

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