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Summer Safari

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jun 14, 2012 10:39:00 AM

Although there may be few of us who have actually gone big game hunting, or hiked in the Amazon rain forest, we can take cues from those who have as far as what to wear this season when the weather gets tropical. Safari looks in fashion encompass many items you may already have, or can gain access to by shopping at the Goodwill retail store near you. So, put on your pith helmet with mosquito netting and let’s see what we can find as we navigate the world of safari style.safari fashion trends

Safari looks are composed of the same elements that all great outfits are - color, texture and pattern. Here’s an inventory of what you’ll need to put together your own version of this high-end designer look.

Khaki items are the basis for this sturdy and rugged fashion style. Start with cargo shorts, a skirt, or if you’re really lucky, a khaki shirtdress. These should be well-fitted and have lots of pockets to add the element of texture that makes this summer fashion expression really work.

Next, you should also find a khaki or tan shirt jacket, or even a blouse that is in the same tonal range as your shorts or skirt. This can be tucked into the shorts or skirt or worn over them for another variation on this classic style.

If you prefer more color and vibrancy in your ensemble, you should opt for a top, or even a dress or scarf, that has a bold ethnic print of some sort. Take a cue from African culture, or even Native American, where tribal accentuations abound. Prints like these are wide-ranging in their style and coloration, so you should have no problem at all finding something at Goodwill that will add just the perfect punch of color you need.summer fashion trends

Rough-hewn accessories of all kinds will work quite well when paired with any of the basic elements we’ve already covered. Hiking boots done in a rich brown would be an excellent choice even with a skirt or dress. If they’re a little broken in and distressed, that makes it even better. Belts that have a timeworn feel are another necessary item to have in your Congo-accessory trunk. Wide, brown, tan or any natural tone is the way to go here as well.

Bracelets and necklaces that feature wooden beads or African-themed animal elements will keep the vibe going. Make sure the scale on these is oversized and important; after all you’re a big game hunter now!

Last but not least, you’ll need to keep the sun out of your eyes. I suggest a hat that is made of leather or straw. Khaki can also be found in these “Indiana Jones” styles, and it will be perfect for that final touch, along with a pair of aviator sunglasses.

You’ll also need a tribal worthy bag to pack some summer essentials, like sun block and bug repellent. Look for purses and totes that feature canvas or leather bodies in shades of tan or light brown. It’s important that they have contrasting leather piping and detail. The shapes of the bags should look like a duffle or doctor’s bag, but a clutch or shoulder bag would be great as well. Canvas is always in style, and this kind of carrier can be used all summer long whether you’re on safari or just going to the beach.

So, take a trip through the jungles of the latest fashions by heading out on a style safari to the Goodwill retail store near you. At Goodwill you can scout out some of the top trends for a fraction of retail. Happy hunting!

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