Amazing Finds at Goodwill

Katie E.

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Sep 17, 2018 3:47:58 PM

Amazing Find at Goodwill - surfboard table

Amazing Find at Goodwill - surfboard table

I stopped at your South Elgin store at least once a week. I was looking for an interesting piece of furniture. I looked at a maroon crackle painted surfboard table and moved on. I returned and looked again, flipped it over to see if it was branded, but the bottom of the table was also crackle painted. Continued to browse and stopped again to look at it. I figured at $9.99 I couldn't go wrong and bought it.  Once home I tried to figure out the manufacturer.  I googled surfboard table and found a Heritage/Henredon that looked like the same line. Rushed to get my paint stripper out, stripped in an area I anticipated seeing a hallmark and was pleased to find the Heritage brand on the bottom. The table ended up being a solid piece, made of walnut. This is a perfect match to a mid century couch I had just refinished.

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