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Amazing Finds at Goodwill

Travis T.

Posted by Holly Hirsch on Aug 15, 2012 4:49:00 PM

TravisT"I am a teacher, so I am able to visit Goodwill in the summer very often. On one of my trips, I saw a man carrying around a beautiful computer monitor. It was a huge 24" Dell that was in near perfect condition. It didn't seem like he was committed to purchase it yet, so I kept on him like a hawk. He kept flicking the power button, and it became apparent to me that the power button was broken. He just sat there flicking it for 10 minutes until he gave up and noticed that I was standing right behind him. He offered it to me, and I knew that I would be able to shine this one up into a gem. After a quick call to my wife to ask permission (it was $100 and did I mention I go almost everyday?) I took it home. I looked up the model number online and the first item to pop up was "How to fix broken power button on Dell Monitor" video! Half hour later, voila. It works. I called my tech buddy to brag, and he asked for a model number and let me know that this was a professional series Dell monitor worth $1,000. I Love Goodwill!!"