Amazing Finds at Goodwill

Do you have an "AMAZING" Goodwill find? Then go ahead, and brag about it! We would love to hear about the great item(s) you've found in our stores!

You can send in your Amazing Finds in a number of ways ... Simply include your name, a description of your item including the Goodwill location where you found it, and a photo of the item. We'll feature your Amazing Find along with those shown below!

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Amazing Finds at Goodwill

Holly Hirsch

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Travis T.

"I am a teacher, so I am able to visit Goodwill in the summer very often. On one of my trips, I saw a man carrying around a beautiful computer monitor. It was a huge 24" Dell that was in near perfect condition. It didn't seem like he was committed to purchase it yet, so I kept on him like a hawk. He kept flicking the power button, and it became apparent to me that the power button was broken. He just sat there flicking it for 10 minutes until he gave up and noticed that I was standing right behind him. He offered it to me, and I knew that I would be able to shine this one up into a gem. After a quick call to my wife to ask permission (it was $100 and did I mention I go almost everyday?) I took it home. I looked up the model number online and the first item to pop up was "How to fix broken power button on Dell Monitor" video! Half hour later, voila. It works. I called my tech buddy to brag, and he asked for a model number and let me know that this was a professional series Dell monitor worth $1,000. I Love Goodwill!!" 

Michelle H.

Michelle found this Harley-Davidson purse while browsing the Pewaukee store. The Harley-Davidson brand is a staple around Milwaukee, but it's rare to find their merchandise, as fans don't typically part with it! "I found the Harley-Davidson purse at the Pewaukee store for only $6.99! Likely retailed around $100," said Michelle.

Cara E.

"On May 3rd or 4th I purchased a painting from the Goodwill store on West Mason street in Green Bay. I wasn't really interested in the painting, but the old brass frame was neat so I picked it up with the intention to repurpose the frame as an earring holder.

Diane N.

"My sister was visiting us in Wisconsin from Idaho and we both love shopping in resale stores and refer to ourselves as 'Goodwill addicts.' We'd already checked out the Goodwill stores in the Appleton/Menasha/Darboy area and on this particular day we were in the Sheboygan store. We were just about ready to move to the check-out counter when I thought I'd take a look at the dresses. I'm a 'Red Hatter' and thought maybe I'd find something purple to wear to our chapter events.

Arlene L.

"I couldn't believe the 'Amazing' bargain I bought at Goodwill. While browsing dresses I came across a beautiful 'dressy dress' that was suitable for the Granddaughter's wedding. It fit perfectly and was only $4.98. Can you believe that? I had to buy it. I save a lot of money shopping at Goodwill - I love the place."

Michael E.

"A few months ago while shopping at the Beaver Dam, WI Goodwill store, I found a signed and dated 1964 Picasso Lithograph of a peace dove. I bought it for only $6.00, and it was worth $225 in its current condition. That was my amazing find!">

Jennifer W.

"I am a product demonstrator inside our local grocery store. I use household items from Goodwill (West Bend, WI) to set my table and make it look festive for my customers. One day, my husband spotted and bought a Regal Ware electric pizza cutter. The old appliance worked but the blade was dull. So, he sharpened the blade and now I use my electric pizza cutter when I am sampling pizzas. Customers like the pizza samples and they are delighted to watch the locally-made tool work. I always draw a crowd when they hear the appliance working. They always ask, 'Where did you get that?' I reply, 'My favorite store. Goodwill of course.' And then I really wow them by showing them the original box stating Made in the USA along with the Goodwill sticker price of only $2.99."

Sue B.

Sue's parents were married 48 years ago and one of the wedding gifts they received was a crystal candy dish. Sue's parents passed down the candy dish to her and her husband for their anniversary. Unfortunately one of Sue's children accidentally broke the lid while taking candy out of the dish. She was just sick. Luckily, while shopping at the South Elgin Goodwill store, Sue found that same candy dish! She was able to replace the lid and proudly displays the dish again!

Mary F.

She found this "Sligh" pendelum wall clock at Goodwill. It was selling for $17.00 and she was able to use her 25% off birthday card too. A gentleman at a clock repair store told her this clock (that is no longer produced) would sell for about $1,200. Mary said it was the deal of her life!!

Bailey-Golden Retriever

Hi, my name is Bailey and my mom & dad shop at Goodwill weekly! They find lots of things at Menomonee Falls and West Bend. Boy, am I one lucky dog to get all the toys that I do and you can see I get a lot of balls and other toys. And my mom found a set of Corelle dishes for .99 cents (plates, bowls and cups) and my dad got a new magnifying light for $10.