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Thrifting Culture: What Does It Mean to You?

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Aug 7, 2020 10:23:02 AM

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Thrifting is cool. Combining value, uniqueness and sustainability, it’s fair to say that shopping secondhand is a trend unto itself.

Dressed-up Daytime Casual

With us today to talk about thrifting culture is Katy Fabinski. From decorating her home to finding her wedding dress, Katy has scored some amazing finds while shopping Goodwill – and saved a whole lot of money while doing it.

Redefining Mom Style

So, what does thrifting culture mean to you?

To me, thrifting isn’t just buying something to fill a need – you can do that anywhere. It’s the experience of finding the perfect thing. That feeling of “Wow! There may not be anything like this in the world; I have to have it!” Then add to that the value I get by shopping secondhand, the fact I’m helping the environment, and how my purchase is helping support Goodwill’s mission – it makes my finds that much more special.

Sassy and Fun

Why do you thrift?

In college, thrift shops used to be the trendy place to go for unique pieces. You know, the retro signs, vintage t-shirts or throwback bellbottoms – “fun stuff.” But now that I’m older and have a family and a home of my own, it’s become a part of my lifestyle and, really, how I and my family got by when times were lean.

The Perfect Summer Dress
Because we all need things, right? New clothes, household items, things like that. Thrifting is how I was able to provide these necessities for my family and, now, fill my nice, new home and stay within my budget.

What’s been your favorite thrifting score?

Oh, my gosh. I mean, I’ve had so many great finds. I post them on Facebook because I get so excited, like, “You’ll never believe what I found, guys!” And now, since we just moved into a new house, I’ll post pictures of rooms I’ve redecorated and get comments like, “Oooh, I like this!” and “Where’d you get that?” And chances are I got it at Goodwill.

The Wedding Dress

But my favorite thrifting score – which I clearly did not need at the time – would be my wedding dress. At the time, I was fairly recently divorced with two little kids. But I found this brand-new gown with tags that I just fell in love with. My son even said, “You can’t take that big dress home. Grandma will be mad!” But I tried it on and it spoke to me. So, I figured $39.99 was worth the flack I’d get from my mom. Of course, when I finally did get remarried, that’s the dress I wore!


Why do you choose to shop Goodwill?

Boy, there are a lot of reasons. The store is clean and you have clearly marked sections and departments and the inventory is always changing with great selection, and the people are so nice and helpful. But then I know that, by shopping at Goodwill, I’m helping people.


A lot of people know that Goodwill helps people with disabilities find jobs, but they also help other adults – young adults and all ages – they help them find jobs, too. I believe in that mission: to help people through employment. They’re helping my community and it makes me feel awesome knowing I’m part of it, too.

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