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5 Fashion Trends for Summer

Posted by Becky Binns on Jun 20, 2020 4:48:16 PM

It’s official: summertime is upon us! As the temperatures start to rise, winter sweaters make their way to the back of the closet to make room for their sleeveless summer counterparts. While some clothes are practical staples – like tees and shorts – following summer fashion trends will keep you looking and feeling cool.

Not sure where to start? No worries; we’ve collected some of our favorite trends to keep you and your family stylish all summer long!


After a long winter (and even longer spring), the joy of seeing the summer sun almost makes you want to shout from the rooftops – and nothing screams louder than neon. We get why, too! Neon acts like a cheerful shock to the system; a wearable shot of energy that’s sure to put a lil more pep in your step.

This summer, embrace the neon with hot pink sun dresses, highlighter yellow shorts, or bright blue bikinis. Not ready to go all in on neon? Try layering in pops-of-color with an otherwise neutral look.


Fun Prints

Another way to embrace the playful spirit of summer is by adding bold prints to your wardrobe. Of course, there are classics (like the iconic Hawaiian Dad Shirt), but prints are also appearing on structured pieces that live outside of vacation mode.

Tailored to today’s cuts and lines, pieces like hibiscus-print blazers, palm-print sneakers, gingham jumpsuits and wide-striped cardigans can help infuse some personality into your wardrobe. Try a print to break up a monochromatic look or punch up a minimalist wardrobe.



‘90s Footwear

Almost every new trend is a recycled, modernized, mix-and-matched version of trends that came before – just look at the VSCO girl (or boy) as proof.

Heavily influenced by the ‘90s, the VSCO aesthetic is a lighter, brighter, eco-friendly take on grunge fashion. As it extends beyond Gen Z, other age demographics have started revisiting classics like ‘90s footwear. Sneaker brands like Converse and Reebok, along with the iconic Doc Marten boots are seeing a resurgence. In addition to being on trend, these pieces are generally well-structured and built to last –something all ages can appreciate!

90s Footwear-1


When the weather goes from sunny to sizzling to stifling, linen pieces are an absolute lifesaver. Linen, of course, is well known for its incredible breathability – its very structure allows more airflow, keeping your body cool and dry despite humidity’s best efforts – but did you know it’s an eco-friendly choice, as well? Made from a natural, biodegradable fiber with a lower environmental impact than cotton, it also happens to be incredibly durable.

This summer, we’re really loving the way linen is being elevated to work with business casual looks. Whether a button-down shirt, wide-legged trouser or simple dress, linen can be paired with almost anything to make your professional wardrobe beat-the-heat-friendly.


Sheer Layers

Sheer layers have officially made their way from the beach to the street! Wafty, sheer layers are topping the trend lists this summer for being both stylish and sensible. Whether you want to be covered up for work or add some protection from the sun, sheer layers allow you to do so without feeling like an extra layer.

Ready to go sheer? Effortlessly dress up a skater dress with a maxi-length sheer kimono or stay cool and covered by throwing an oversized sheer tee over a form-fitting tank or bodysuit.


Whether you’re feeling electric in neon or breezy in linen, these trends will help you breeze through the hottest of seasons. Ready to punch up your wardrobe without your bank account taking a big hit? Check out a Goodwill location near you!


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