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Gabi Loomis: Shopping on a Budget for Back-To-School Items

Posted by Gabi Loomis on Aug 25, 2021 8:47:33 AM

IG: @colormesassy 


I can hardly believe that summer is ending, and schools have already started in some states. My kids are excited to start school! They are looking forward to seeing their friends, making new ones, and meeting their teachers. 

Shopping for back-to-school supplies and new clothes for the kids to wear at school can get expensive, especially if you have more than one child. For this reason, I'm sharing how you can shop on a budget for the upcoming school year! 


First, take inventory of what you already have and cross those items off your supplies list. You may have lightly used school supplies that your kids can use again this year. Now that you have a clear vision of what you need, head to your local Goodwill to look for the remaining items. I find that Goodwill does an amazing job of putting back-to-school items on the shelves this time of year. 


You may be surprised by how many school supplies you can find at Goodwill. I recently went there and found notebooks, crayons, backpacks, clipboards, and more. Not only that, but I also found some clothes that looked brand new for my children, Rapha and Alex, to wear to school. If you happen to go to a Goodwill store and can't find something, consider asking a manager if the store is getting more school supplies soon. You may not find everything on your supply list at Goodwill, but at least you can save a few dollars before heading to the big box stores. 



I hope this will be a fantastic school year for all the kids and that they'll get to enjoy what they missed last year with Covid.  


Xoxo, Gabrielle 

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