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6 Ways to Welcome Fall Into Your Home

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Sep 3, 2020 3:07:28 PM

The dog days of summer are nearly over and we can’t wait for all things fall. Maybe it’s just us, but the trees seem prettier, the drinks tastier and the clothes that much cuter. Not to mention two of the very best holidays – Halloween and Thanksgiving – happen to take place during the fall season!

But if we’re completely honest, the thing we look forward to most is cozying up at home. Summer is for outdoor adventure. Fall is for intimate gatherings with family and friends.

No matter your budget, you can create an indoor retreat that celebrates the season ahead. Think cozy textures, unexpected colors and beautiful fall florals and foliage. Here are six ways to get the look:

1. Layer cozy textures – It’s time to put away airy summer materials and beach-inspired accessories. Fall means layering up on cozy textures. Think faux fur throw rugs, plaid flannel linens, soft wool throws, velvet throw pillows and wood accent trays. Add a few fall-scented candles and you’re ready to snuggle in with the new season.

2. Create a fall centerpiece – Get creative and make an arrangement using fall foliage, wheat stalks and earth-tone feathers. Another option is to pile fall fruit, such as apples or pomegranates, into a large bowl. Mix in a few pinecones and you have a perfect fall centerpiece.


3. Include jewel-tone accents – Jewel tones add a bit of sophistication to a room while still giving a nod to the autumn season. Get the look with a ruby red rug or a sapphire blue throw pillows.


4. Go crazy for pumpkins – Pumpkin belongs in more than your PSL. Look for an assortment of sizes, shapes and colors. Then place them at various points around your room – on bookshelves, down the center of a dining table or piled high in a large glass vase.


5. Hang a fall wreath – For a harvest vibe, look for one made of fresh fall florals intermixed with foliage and pinecones in hues of rust, pumpkin and wheat. For a bolder look, consider a gilded wreath with feathers and jewel-tone accents.

6. Update your dining table – Get your table ready for fall with a neutral table runner topped with bronze-colored chargers, wood serving pieces and harvest-tone glassware. Add a cozy stew and homemade bread and you’re ready to serve up a perfectly fall meal.

Get everything you need to decorate your home for the fall season. You never know what hidden treasures you’ll find at a Goodwill store location near you.

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