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Countdown to Christmas

Posted by Jessica Schoner on Nov 27, 2020 1:53:07 PM

Countdown to Christmas - DIY Advent Calendar

If you’re like me and you’re counting down the days to Christmas, an advent calendar is a must-have! Now that we have a little one in our house, I just can’t wait to watch his excitement as the holidays get closer. Okay, let’s be honest; he’s seven months old, so it’ll be Mom being excited. Either way, I just can’t wait!

When I spotted a unique frame at Goodwill I knew I had the perfect beginnings to a homemade advent calendar. You could even remove the countdown envelopes and use the frame in your home from January through November – bonus!

Countdown to Christmas - DIY Advent Calendar


  • Picture frame or window shutter
  • Holiday stickers and decorative pieces
  • Craft paint or paint pens
  • Miniature close pins
  • Small envelopes
  • Number stamps (optional)

Make it!

Start by numbering each envelope. I used a rubber stamp for a rustic look, but you could easily write the numbers in on your own if you do not have a stamp.

Countdown to Christmas - DIY Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas - DIY Advent Calendar

Once each envelope is numbered, start decorating each of them! I used scrapbooking stickers and small holiday themed wooden pieces to create a unique look on each envelope. I painted several of the wooden pieces, and left others in their natural state. I also added glitter to a few, because what’s Christmas without a little glitter, right? Of course, December 25th had to stand out!

Countdown to Christmas - DIY Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas - DIY Advent Calendar

To complete, use your miniature close pins to hang each envelope. Then fill with a fun little surprise to open each morning as you countdown to Christmas. I’ll be filling mine with tiny chocolates, new ornaments, fun quotes and maybe even a Goodwill gift card!

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