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Upcycling Expert - Annie Temmink

Annie Temmink

Annie completed her BA in sculpture and math from Davidson College in North Carolina, and received a Thomas J Watson Foundation Fellowship to travel independently for twelve months studying fashion and textiles.  From Indonesia to Japan, India to Uganda and Tanzania, she worked with village women, dove through sprawling second-hand markets and explored fashion in the world’s biggest cities and smallest towns.  The scope of her studies took her from preparing plants for organic dyes to exploring the factories that produce clothing for brand name stores.

Much of Annie’s inspiration comes from common or unwanted materials whose wide availability sparked her interest in recycling materials six years ago. Now she transforms repurposed clothing into sculpture for solo exhibitions and larger installations. Her work catches attention including that of trend forecasting companies in New York and private collectors on the east coast. Annie looks forward to blogging about her experiences and showing you how to create fabulous projects (clothing, jewelry and beyond) with materials from Goodwill.

Annie currently designs and makes clothing and accessories (and dances like-a-fool) in Charlottesville, Virginia. To learn more and to see Annie's projects visit: www.artemmink.com

Light It Up!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Nov 25, 2014 1:10:00 PM

lightingLighting can make such a difference when creating “atmosphere” for a gathering. As you begin cooking and building centerpieces for your table this Thanksgiving, it’s worth taking a few minutes to lightingthink about lighting. You might consider getting a new chandelier, or maybe a hanging lamp to accent your table; you could even use a string of lights to brighten up the centerpiece. String lights are great because not only do they have a low risk of flame, but they’re also easy to install. They can dramatically change the atmosphere of your event! Goodwill often has great string lights for much cheaper than you can buy new.

lightingIf you want to have a new age-y friends-giving  you might also be able to find a disco ball or flashing party lights at Goodwill to set a more festive mood after dinner. You could always go the old- fashioned way with drip wax candles. You can find assorted jars and candles at Goodwill to mix and match for a softer, more intimately lit scene.

Stop by Goodwill on your way home from work and see what inspires you.  And, a little sparkle to your Thanksgiving celebration with fun lighting from Goodwill.


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