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Wanderlust - Travel Map

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jul 28, 2016 12:12:13 PM

Wanderlust - Travel MapVacation photos are wonderful, but you probably can’t display them all. Instead, recreate your travel adventures on a map that you can admire every day.

Look for a map of the country or region of the world you’ve traveled to. You will want one large enough to be able to see all the cities, states or countries. This atlas is 20 years old, but the borders haven’t changed, so vintage maps are OK.

Find a bulletin board and paint it to match your office, bedroom or dorm décor.

Gently tear the pages from the book and trim off the ragged edges with a straight edge ruler and utility knife. Staple the map to the board.

Add ribbon or decorative paper around the map to frame it and cover up any cork still showing.

Insert push pins in the cities where you vacationed. If it was a road trip, connect the places with string or yarn. Separate various trips with different colored pins. Or, each member of the family gets a different yarn to show-off their travels. It becomes a living thing when you add to it every time you return home. Relive your vacation memoires every day!

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