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The Ultimate Dorm Room on a Budget

Posted by Merri Cvetan on Aug 2, 2017 3:53:41 PM
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The Ultimate Dorm Room on a BudgetDorm life can be expensive! Fortunately for you, Goodwill if full of amazing deals and one-of-a-kind decorating accessories.

We had the opportunity to “move” into a two bedroom suite at UW-Milwaukee. This apartment sleeps 4 with a living room and kitchen. These students are living in style.

Before shopping, it’s important to discuss with your roommates colors, styles and needs. Even if you find yourself with someone whose tastes run opposite of yours, have no fear. Two distinct personalities can cohabitate in harmony with a little planning.

The first decision should be a color palette. In this bedroom, one young woman is a bit bohemian and the other is sporty. The common denominator between the two is the color teal.

UWM Dorm Room Sporty

I found a pretty pale teal comforter and some colorful pillows at Goodwill. The plaid throw is perfect for chilly winter nights when she’s hitting the books.

UWM Dorm Room Bohemian

For roommate number 2, I found a funky, tie-dye bedspread with multiple patterns and colors. Of course, every bed needs piles of pillows.

UWM Dorm Room Tennis Art

Who said artwork has to be a painting? We hung tennis rackets in same coordinating colors. Another idea would be to use them as message boards. Find mini clothes pins to attach important notes to the strings.

UWM Dorm Room Living Room

The living room came with a pair of chairs, sofa and two tables. So you’re committed to the color scheme on the upholstery, but you can still make it your own with art and accessories.

The boring bath went from this…

UWM Dorm Room Bath Before 

…to this with the addition of a colorful shower curtain.

UWM Dorm Room  Bath After

Besides discussing a color scheme, it’s important to discuss who is bringing what to shared spaces. Once you have a plan, head to Goodwill to shop (and save) for your dorm room. 

I would love to see photos of how you decorated with Goodwill finds. Send them along in the comment section. I just might follow-up and feature your space!

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