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Celebrating Women - Women’s History Month

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Mar 26, 2015 2:16:00 PM

photo lampMarch is Women’s History Month. It’s important to learn about the achievements and accomplishments famous women have made throughout history. However, we shouldn’t forget about the women who are really important - our family and friends. After all, they’re the ones who had/have direct influence on our lives.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I made a personal tribute to my favorite girls.

Instead of the usual bulletin board or photo album, I decided to decorate a lamp shade with pictures. This is a fast and easy project. Warning: it took me hours once I started looking through pictures! So easy to get side tracked.  

glass lampI found a glass (not plastic) candlestick-style lamp at Goodwill for $2.99. I can tell it’s vintage-esque because the cord is really long and the plug doesn’t have one prong bigger than the other. So this was a good buy. 

lamp shadeslamp shade frameLampshades are also available in all styles and shapes at Goodwill. I chose a bell shape and removed the fabric cover.  

Then I looked for old and new straighten photopictures of my mom, grandma, sister, sister-in-law, cousins and nieces. One of the older photos was curled, so I taped a piece of chenille stem to the back to straighten it out.    

Tape Picture to FrameUse a small piece of Washi or low-tack tape to attach the picture to the frame.  

Attach as many photos as you can fit. Add more as you find them. Famous women will always have a place in history, but these women will forever be part of my life.

photo lamp shade

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