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My weekly column for Amazing Goodwill and my design blog, Design Coach, are about all things design, living a stylish life and entertaining (like setting a great table). I share DIY projects, decorating and design tips, as well as ideas and secrets.

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Put Your Feet Up

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Feb 5, 2014 3:24:00 PM
put your feet upOne of the biggest trends in home fashions has been the ottoman-turned-coffee-table. It’s a brilliant idea, two pieces of furniture in one! Add a tray and you have a solid surface for glasses, food and candles. Remove the tray and you have a comfy place to put your feet up.

merri ottoman 004 002.fwI started with an old upholstered ottoman or footstool. It was in good shape, just a little outdated. Then I found a vintage table cloth in the perfect size. But you can use any fabric; drape it on the ottoman, cut off excess and sew a hem around the edge.

Wash and iron the table cloth. I used some spray starch so it will hold its shape longer. Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around the ottoman and add an extra 18”-24” to tie a bow.

merri ottoman 003Shop for a tray that matches your décor and fits the top of the stool. This rectangular wicker tray is light weight and cost only $1.99.

The beauty of this easy, no-sew project is you can change the cover anytime to coordinate with the season, the holidays or just for the fun of it.

merri ottoman 006

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