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Straight From the Heart

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jan 30, 2014 1:57:00 PM

merri vday 024Like most holidays, if you plan to entertain or celebrate, the sooner you get organized the easier the day will be. The same holds true with Valentine’s Day. It might me a couple of weeks away, but now is the time to make Valentine’s Day cards for the special people in your life.

These are so easy; your kids can make them too.

Start shopping for decorative picture frames at Goodwill. Don’t worry about finding frames with glass, since you won’t be using it.

merri vday 01Gather up pink and red buttons. (Design tip: I save the buttons from Goodwill clothes I use in all my projects!)

merri vday 004Cut a piece of cardstock in white or pink to fit the frame. Lightly trace a heart onto the cardstock.


merri vday 012Fill in the heart with the buttons. Move them around until you get an arrangement you like. I used regular white craft glue. It doesn’t dry as fast as a hot glue gun, so you have time to move the buttons around.

merri vday 022After you fill in the bottom, layer more buttons on top. Keep the heart shape, but try to cover up as much of the card stock as possible.

merri vday 021After the glue dries, insert the card into the frame. Not only do you have a unique, custom card, but you have an original piece of art!

merri vday 017An even faster and easier project is the zipper heart card. I used a new 7” zipper, but you can cut one out of a skirt or pants found at Goodwill.

merri vday 015Open the zipper and glue the top ends together to make an “X”. Glue the “X” onto a blank card about a 1/3 of the way down from the top. This time use a hot glue gun because it will dry quickly. Creating a heart shape, glue the bottom to the card. Embellish the “X” with a rhinestone button or pin. Voila, another work of art!

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