Amazing Looks from Goodwill

The models you see in this blog are actual Goodwill shoppers who donated their time to participate in our annual Amazing Looks photo shoot. All clothing was selected from our very own Goodwill Store & Donation Centers and styled by Goodwill Fashion Expert, Bjorn Nasett. Hair and makeup was provided by Kitty Tierney of Impressions and all photography was created by Jessica Kaminski of Refinery Milwaukee.

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All images for Goodwill's Amazing Looks prior to 2019 were supplied by John Grant Photography.

Mukisa - Ready for Sweater Weather

Amy - Warm & Fun for Fall

Katy - Sassy and Fun

Vera - Cool and Casual for Fall

Kaitlyn - Athleisure Done Right

Jack - Ready for New School Year

Katy - The Perfect Summer Dress

Kurt - Laid-Back Summer Style

Jack - Fun for Summer

Mary - The Perfect Summer Dress

Kaitlyn - Bold Summer Fashion

Christopher - Monochromatic Fun

Katy - Redefining Mom Style

Vera - Divine in Denim

Jack - Blooming with Fashion

Mary - Spring Style Done Right

Christopher - Perfect Look for an Everyday Celebration

Kaitlyn - Lifting the Lid Off Winter

Katy - Dressed-up Daytime Casual

Kurt - Casual & Sophisticated

Jack - Upscale Look for Winter

Vera - Elegant Sophistication

Sam - The Perfect Coat

Emily - Ready for the Holidays!

Charmaine - Fashionable & Professional

Helena - Borrowing from the Boys

Jennifer - Doing Denim Right

TJ - Fun & Fashionable

Sam - Retro Look Done Right

Isaiah - End of Summer Style

Joel - Ready for College

Mia - The Power of a Great Dress

Helena - Boho Funky Look

Charley - The Perfect Summer Dress

Jennifer - Summer Sparkle

Luke - Sporty Look for Summer

Rachel - Trendy Layered Look

Charley - Casual & Cool

Julie - Fabulous & Fashionable

Mia - Perfect Little Black Dress

Chris - Fresh & Bright

Joel - Back to Basics

Charmaine - Upscale & Trendy

Jennifer - Golden Opportunities

Isaiah - Fresh Look for February

Dale - Winter White

Sam - Stunning & Stylish

Emily - Cozy and Cool

Matt - Layering for Winter

Sharita - The Power of Black and White

Rose - Dreaming in Denim

Kenzie - Transitioning Summer to Fall

Matt - Casual and Upscale

Zofia - Sassy Style for Back to School

Leo - Universal Look for Back to School

Luke - Head of the Style Class

Winnie - Rock-n-Roll Fun

Catherine - Dressed Up for Summer

Chris - Perfect Summer Style

Dale - Polished & Perfectly Casual

Maureen - Fresh & Colorful

Catherine - Taking Casual to New Fashion Heights

Rose - Bright and Fun

Emily - Print Perfect

IJ - Cool Factor

Jason - Eye for Style

Charley - Spring Style

Maureen - Dressed for Success

Nell - Dapper in Denim

Chris - Casual Look for the New Year

Catherine - Thinking Outside the Box

Matt - Perfect Winter Look

Sharita - Timeless Elegance

Nell - Sensible (and Smart) Style

Rose - Classic Black and White

Dale - Tailored and Terrific

Chris - Fall Layered Look

Robert - Casually Dressed-Up

Ayanna - Contemporary Look for Back-to-School

Charley - Colorful & Fun

Kennedy - Cute & Practical

Jason - Crisp, Cool and Stylish

Anaya - Garden Party Ready

Maureen - The Power of Color

Kenzie - Colorful Class

Charley - A Picture of Spring

Robert - Great Look, Great Smile

Imani - Fresh and Ready for Spring

Romain - Keeping it Casual

Jason - Fashion & Comfort

Kenzie - Subtle High Fashion

Robert - Casual & Cool

Maureen - Winter Chic

TJ - Ready for Winter

Trish - Workday Fun with Flair!

Jason - Classic Winter Style

Bari - Dressed for Holiday Success!

Robert - Urban Cowboy Look

Emily - The Perfect Fall Look

Trish - Falling for the Right Prints

Bari - Chic and Modern

Kristin - Boho-chic for Back to School

IJ - Back-to-School Cool

Bari - Ahead of the Class

Makeena - Work Day to Date Night

Emily - Summer Ready!

Haley - Pairing Perfect Separates

Annisa - Fashion-Forward Look for Summer

Sabrina - Vintage Floral Look

Bari - Pretty In Pink

Makeena - Perfect Picture of Spring

Cory - Shades of Blue, Black & Gray

Ayden - Cool, Rock-n-Roll Style

Damara - Mixing It Up with Bright Colors

Robert - Modern & Stylish

Rachel - Trendy Layered Look

I.J. - Monochromatic Fashion

Trish - Hippie/Boho Look

Emily - The Holiday-Style Little Black Dress

Cory - Cool & Casual

Anna - Grade School Chic

TJ - Middle School Cool

Jeff - Classic Twist on Sportswear

Hayley - Day to Night in One Dress

Georgianne - The Essence of Chic

Robert - Comfortably Cool

Trish - One Great Dress

Cory - Sporty and Fashion Forward

Annisa - Looking Cool In All the Right Ways

Damara - Casually Cool

Sabrina - Rocking the Floral

Jerricka - Party Sophistication

Jeffrey - The Power of Black and White

Georgianne - Casually Classy

Charley - Epic Pattern Mixing

Jerricka - Spring Into Summer Style

Makeena - Rock Star Sass

Devion - The Geek Chic Look

Jeffrey - City Casual

Damara - Denim with Style

Georgianne (George) - Classic Style

Devion - Go Bold or Go Home

Robert - The Layering Trend

Charley - Dressing for the Holidays

Hayley - Layered Boho Look

Jeff - Classic Style with Trendy Colors

Jerricka - Rocker Chic

Matt - Unforced Fashion

Charley - Schoolgirl Glam

Devion - Layered Look for Early Fall

Hayley - Sophisticated Summer Style

Damara - Colorful Layered Look

Robert - Classic Summer Style

Rachel - Beachy Mom-to-Be

Matt - Casual Upscale

Makeena - Transitional Pieces for Summer

Sabrina - Casual Classy

Annisa - Painterly Style

Phoenix - Kid-friendly Fashion

Rachel - Print Mixing with Maternity

Sabrina - The Classic Little Black Dress

Matt - Sport and Style

Rachel - Marvelous Maternity

Makeena - Well Suited for Any Occasion

Annisa - Borrowed From the Boys

Devion - Taming the Wild Sweater

Matt - Timeless Panache

Anna - Taking Glamour to New Heights

Mary Ellen - Evening Glamour

Devion - Layering for Fall & Winter

James - Casual Collegiate Look

Anna - One Great Ensemble

Mary Ellen - Endless layering possibilities

Jackie - Layering for the season

James - Casually Edgy

Kimberly - Fashion Ease

Jackie - Maximum Summer Style

Gwen - Stand-Out Looks for Summer

Kim - The Perfect Summer Dress

Clint - Fashion Forward Casual

Anna - Just the Right Print

Gwen - The Power of Black and White

Clint - Ethnic and Versatile

Kim - Complimentary Tones

Jackie - Standout Monochromatic

Gwen - Romantic in Tweed

James - Modern Urban

Clint - Hip and Comfortable

Kim - Versatile Monochromatic

Mary Ellen - The Allure of Basic Black

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