Amazing Finds at Goodwill

Do you have an "AMAZING" Goodwill find? Then go ahead, and brag about it! We would love to hear about the great item(s) you've found in our stores!

You can send in your Amazing Finds in a number of ways ... Simply include your name, a description of your item including the Goodwill location where you found it, and a photo of the item. We'll feature your Amazing Find along with those shown below!

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Amazing Finds at Goodwill

Jamie Klinger-Krebs

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Melissa F.

My amazing phone case; it was brand new in the box with a price tag for $80 and I got it for $9.99 at Goodwill.

Kathryn W.

Was looking for a 16-inch bike for my granddaughter and came across this beyond cool, brand new-looking Hot Wheels Speed Demon bike complete with training wheels. It looks like a motorbike and even has a "tach" that goes "vroom vroom" when you goose the handle grip. It's listed for $69 on Walmart's website and I got it for $6.99 (minus 15% because I was there on a Wednesday and I'm a senior).  SCORE GRANDMA!!

Kim R.

Lululemon Fresh Track lounge pants worth $118.00 for $3.00 after my $5.00 coupon!  Love GOODWILL!!

Elaine I.

I found this “perfect jar for her cat” in North Riverside for only $1.99. 

Lori S.

Found these hats for .99 in a bin and decorated them for the Kentucky Derby! They looked as good or better than ones that cost over $200.

Alyssa K.

I went into the Goodwill yesterday in New Berlin to be nosey. I wasn't looking for anything specific so I went to the wallets and purses to just dig around and kill time. After 5 minutes of digging I found this small Chanel purse for $14! It  wasn't even in the case! I started crying because I was so in shock and excited! It was the best day ever! I immediately Googled the item to see how much the retail price was and they are going for $3,000-$4,000! I have always wanted a Chanel purse! I can't wait to wear it out! 



Found this beauty at the Goodwill in West Bend for $6.99. Didnt know the brand (Guia's - Made in Italy) till I got home and found used ones on ebay for $250.00! It's a keeper!

Wendy Sue

A brand new lululemon tote bag...I paid $ sells online for about $100!

Christina L.