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  Winners of Our Amazing Find Contest!

In celebration of National Thrift Day and Secondhand Wardrobe Day in August, we asked you, our AMAZING customers to share your favorite AMAZING FIND that you discovered at Goodwill in the last year.

We received dozens of entries, you voted, and now we have our top 10 winners!

Scroll down and see the10  winner's "amazing finds" and why they consider their find, AMAZING!

Here Are Our Winners:


 Grant H.

"The Fishin's Amazing at Goodwill." I was looking for glass platters and bowls to transform into garden art. Flowers, leaves, and anything which could be painted to catch the light and your eye! This fish was at the Milwaukee Goodwill on North 91st Street, my favorite place to shop. The fish is in our garden of Irises which, to us at least, look like an underwater seaweed bed. The photo was taken by my daughter, Maura Hagen.


David A.

I found a Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney bronze stature figure at my local Goodwill in Round Lake Beach, IL. I am a Disney fan and always wanted this piece but didn't want to pay the sticker price in the parks. I am very happy I was able to add this to my collection at more than half off the original price. It reminds me of the statue I see every time I visit the Disney parks.


Sue B.

I found the perfect summer purse! I love it! It's only $6.99! I love finding everything at Goodwill! I always round up to help the cause.


Erica B.

This beautiful replica of the Tiffany Clocks at the State Street Macy's (formerly Marshall Field’s) is my favorite find of all time! My husband and I met while working at Macy's so the clocks on State Street have a special place in our hearts. Purchased for only $6.99 at the Bloomingdale, IL location. It was going online for over $100!


Meggie J.

As a lifelong Muppets fan, purchasing this item at Goodwill Round Lake Beach last year was probably my favorite find ever and as an almost lifelong thrifter, there have been a lot. It's a vintage 1978 Fisher Price Jim Henson Animal puppet, complete with Velcro hands so he can officially rock 'n' roll. You can even waggle his eyebrow(s)! The craftsmanship is amazing, from the puppetry mechanism to his clothing details. As a bonus, after doing some research (one of the many exciting aspects of thrifting) I found out you can see this same puppet in Elliott's toy bin in the movie "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial." It really is like owning a piece of pop culture history. Rock on!


Kim B.

My favorite amazing find is a cute elephant Halloween costume that I found for my daughter.


Laura D.

Quite a find at my neighborhood Menomonee Falls Goodwill - A DUPLICATE PURSE, identical to mine! My purse was beginning to show signs of wear and needed replacing. I wanted to get another just like the one I had, but no luck, no longer available! I shopped at a store in the morning looking for a new, similar purse but they were expensive and just not the same color, size, and compartments. Then, that very afternoon, I found this same purse I own, in like new condition, and the bonus was it had the half price color ticket, so it was an additional savings at half price! I was delighted and I love it!


Ray T.

Found a brand new Ralph Lauren winter coat. A brand new one goes for $200 plus. I paid $19.99 and saved 15% with the senior discount. I'm ready for a Wisconsin winter this year.


Sarah O.

I found a bit of positivity in this white crop top picked up at the Palmer St Goodwill in Milwaukee. Featured on the pocket is a pair of bananas with the phrase, “You are so appealing.” It’s my favorite find because it simply uses humor to send a good message and that’s exactly what I hope to do!


Walt K.

I found this old album of 78 rpm records at the Goodwill store in Bartlett, IL. on Feb. 26,2020. It seemed in good shape for something 85 years old. When I made the purchase, I didn't realize it was a rare recording. After adding it to my online phonograph record inventory  a docent for the Minnesota Orchestra contacted me asking for an audio copy; it was needed for their collection and isn't available elsewhere. Glad I could help.

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