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Five Home Items to Upcycle Now

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Jan 26, 2022 9:56:52 AM

Chances are, you have things lying around your house that no longer serve a purpose – yet you can’t bring yourself to haul them to the local dump or donate them to Goodwill. They might have sentimental value or are things you believe might one day come in handy. But right now, these items serve one purpose only: collecting dust.

The good news: even when objects no longer serve their original purpose, they can be repurposed into something useful. Even the most unlikely items can be upcycled. All it takes is a bit of creativity.

Here are five home items that are perfect candidates for your next upcycling project:

Old T-shirts = New Quilt

If you know how to sew, you can easily turn a stack of old t-shirts into a unique quilt. Start with cutting an assortment of t-shirts into squares. Look for shirts in an assortment of colors and patterns for the most colorful quilt. Next, sew your squares together. Finally, add a backing and you have a one-of-a-kind quilt that will keep you warm and cozy throughout the long winter months.

Old Door = New Coat/Backpack/Bag Organizer

Not sure what to do with an old, unused door? With a bit of refurbishing, it can be upcycled into a wall organizer that’s perfect for front entryways or mudrooms. It starts with adding a fresh coat of paint. Next, attach sturdy hooks to one side of the door. Hang it horizontally on the wall and you’ll have plenty of space to neatly hang all of your coats, backpacks and bags.

Old Ladder = New Blanket Rack

Old ladders are just begging to be upcycled. One of our favorite – and easiest – ways to use them is to turn them into a blanket rack. All you need to do is spray paint an old ladder, let it dry, then prop it up against a wall. You can use the ladder rungs to hang your favorite blankets and throws.

Old Drawer = New Planter

Before trashing a dresser or nightstand, take a look at the drawers. If they’re in decent condition, they can be turned into planters for your patio or backyard garden. You can use the drawers as is or paint them to match your desired color scheme. Then fill them with soil and plant away!

Old Chandelier = New Crystal Necklaces

Don’t toss that old chandelier just yet. Before trashing it, remove the crystal hangings. These can be upcycled into pretty crystal necklaces. Start with cutting suede cords to your desired length. Then add a jump ring to each crystal. Thread the suede cord through the ring and add a jump ring to both sides of the cord and lobster clasp to one side. Wear, sparkle and be prepared for lots of compliments!

Looking for materials for your next upcycling project? Find the items you need at a Goodwill store location near you.

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