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8 Ways the Goodwill Outlet Offers a Different Thrifting Experience

Posted by Janette Buffardi on Sep 11, 2020 3:42:22 PM

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You may be familiar with your local Goodwill retail store , but did you know that you can also enjoy a unique thrifting experience at the Goodwill Outlet? Our 3 Goodwill Outlets are located in Milwaukee, Racine, and Chicago. Outlets offer merchandise from our Goodwill Store & Donation Centers a second chance to sell at bargain-priced by-the-pound rates before being recycled.

Goodwill Outlet Bins

If you’re searching for incredible values on thrifted clothing and amazing Goodwill finds, here are 8 reasons why shopping at the Goodwill Outlet will give you an unique thrift store experience:

1. Explore a Multitude of Goodwill Bins

As soon as you walk into a Goodwill Outlet, you will notice one huge difference from the normal retail stores – there are no clothing racks. All the items at the Goodwill Outlet are presented in Goodwill blue bins. Bins are organized by item type and arranged into easy-to-browse rows and aisles – making your thrift shopping trip that much more accessible.


2. Save More When You Pay by the Pound

Because you pay for most items by the pound instead of individually, the Goodwill Outlet store is a great way to get great deals on thrift store finds. 


3. Enjoy Digging for Treasures

Thrifting is all about the thrill of the hunt. Nothing compares to the feeling of discovering a genuinely unique second hand clothing item or a one-of-a-kind accessory after an avid search. Because the Goodwill Outlet store doesn’t rely on a jumble of clothing racks, thrifters will enjoy the chance to truly “dig” into countless bins of unclaimed treasures.


4. Find New Items Every 30 Minutes

One of the best things about the thrift store experience at a Goodwill Outlet is the regular addition of new items to the sales floor. If you happen to go through all of the bins that are present when you first arrive at the Outlet store and conclude that there’s nothing left to explore – think again! The employees roll out new bins every 30 minutes for a fresh batch of resale items to go through. Also, continue to check back at the bins you’ve already looked through, as new items may have ended up there as well. That second glance might just reward you with a gem that you missed on your first time through.


5. Practice Respectful Thrifting

As you shop, remember there is a ‘one person per bin” rule that is enforced at the outlet. This is for your safety so respect the space of others. 


6. Be Prepared

You’ll likely spend at least an hour or two browsing the vast selection at a Goodwill Outlet store, so it is important to prepare for your trip ahead of time. Many shoppers spend even longer at the outlet and take advantage of the selection of snacks and drinks available for sale. Some shoppers wear gloves and it can also be fun to bring some music with you so you can tune in to your favorite songs as you explore the store. 


7. Choose from High-Quality Merchandise

The items you’ll uncover at the Goodwill Outlet store have reached their final stop on their Goodwill journey. This means that they will not only be at their lowest possible prices, but also that they have withstood the tests of time by proving themselves to be durable, well-built, and high-quality items. You’ll be walking away with new treasures and a little extra cash left in your wallet. 


8. Have Fun

Everything about the Goodwill Outlet store is designed to help thrifters have fun. Whether you’re just browsing, searching for something specific, or simply looking to try something new, the Goodwill Outlet offers all shoppers a unique and enjoyable experience.



Dive into the fun awaiting you at our Goodwill Outlet store or visit our website to find a Goodwill retail location near you.


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