Goodwill Fashion Expert—Bjorn Nasett

Wisconsin farm boy, Bjorn Nasett has a career that spans 30 years. He enjoys being a writer, wardrobe stylist, vintage and resale clothing expert, hair stylist, makeup artist and photographer! In his spare time he adopts senior dogs and strongly believes in pet adoption. Check out his website!

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Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Nov 24, 2015 12:30:45 PM

Let the Fur Fly!

Creating new items from old faux (or real) fur coats is a great idea. Not only can you make some great fashion items to wear during the cold winter months, but you can let your imagination be your guide! I purchased an oversized faux lamb coat at Goodwill a couple years ago, simply because it had so much fabric! At $7.99 I thought it was a bargain, given that faux fur at the fabric store is considerably higher-priced than this gem. I had originally thought I would make a cozy winter throw out of it, but instead I decided to make a hat and scarf! This week we’ll do the hat.

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jan 22, 2015 11:25:00 AM

Fur Real vs. Fur Faux

Opinions definitely run rampant out there on the subject of wearing of fur. While there are some who view wearing fur as a high-end luxury, others may reject it due to concerns of animal cruelty, and/or other moral objections. But, no matter how you feel about touting fur, there is definitely no denying the use of animal hides as some of the first materials available to ward off the cold and provide some comfort to our ancestors during the Prehistoric Age. The indigenous people of the Arctic Region and other cold-climate areas on the globe, such as Russia, Scandinavia and Japan, still rely on these skins for much of their clothing in the most practical of senses. Since I grew up in the country, at a young age I became familiar with furriers and others who legally made their living by hunting and trapping, so I understand both sides of the opinion spectrum when it comes to fur. However, today we’ll look past the debate and instead take a look at some of the runway shows featuring fur as part of their fashion statement. These days there are many faux (fake) furs which can give you the desired “fur” look you’re looking for, but without all reservations of wearing the real thing. So, no judgments here, this is simply a presentation of the ways in which fur was shown as part of a fashion collection by some of the featured designers at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.