Goodwill's Ultimate Upcycling Contest 2016

And, the winner is ...

We asked you to show us your mad skills for a chance to be named Goodwill's "Ultimate Upcycler." Your fan votes helped these entries make it into the Top 20, and a panel of Goodwill judges have selected the Winner and Runner Up based on creativity, uniqueness and use of Goodwill items. Goodwill's Ultimate Upcycler for 2016 is ...

WINNER - 2016 Ultimate Upcycler - Patty G. - American Girl doll house furniture

“Amazing furniture for American Girl doll house: Sofa and chairs with throw pillows made with packing materials and fabric. Lighted side table made from peace sign nightlight with glass coaster for tabletop. Pub/kitchen set made with drinking glass (upside down) with clear acrylic plate for tabletop, stools from base of drinking glasses with tops from hairspray cans. 70’s egg chair made with acrylic serving bowl and the base from a champagne glass, tie dyed furry fabric from stuffed animal. Pictures and felt peace sign. All materials purchased from several Goodwill locations. Lots of money saved; creative ideas/Shop outside the box!”

Patty will receive will receive an Ultimate Crafter’s Basket, consisting of a $100 Goodwill gift card, a $100 Menard's gift card and a $100 Michael’s gift card. 

Runner-up - Jo Z. - Musical Fence


“A musical fence for our toddlers at Open Arms in Glenview (Immanuel Lutheran – a not-for-profit). 90% from Goodwill assembled with wire ties and love! The kids have a blast! So many sounds! So much fun!”

Jo will receive a Crafter’s Basket, consisting of a $50 Goodwill gift card, a $50 Menard's gift card and a $50 Michael’s gift card.

Honorable Mentions

Joy N. – Rag Rug


“Rag rugs woven on floor loom primarily with strips of cotton shirts.”

Laura M. – Outdoor Chandelier


“Melded together: 4 shelf brackets, a utensil block, iced tea recipe book, decorate candle holders (disassembled), crystal tea cups, etc. and a walking cane…painted, collaged w/ pages from the book. Now ready to hang from a hook or a tree branch for outdoor candlelight!”

Thank you to everyone who helped narrow down the entries!

We received more than 165 unique and creative submissions. Below are the top 20 that received the most fan votes. 

Click on the images below to view them in a larger format.

  • Allison G - Dog Bed
  • Alyson B - Drink Dispenser
  • Amy T - Lego Table
  • Andrea J - Frida Kahlo Homage
  • Charissa Q - Wedding Decor
  • Michelle M- Dog-Shirt
  • Deborah D - Candy Container
  • Elizabeth Bray - Tin Earrings
  • Jacqueline G - Bookshelf End Table
  • Jill N - Bird House
  • Jo Z - Musical Fence
  • Jody M - Library Card Catalog
  • Joy N - Rag Rugs
  • Larry W - Dog Feeding Station
  • Laura H - Purse and Mittens
  • Nicole S - Bohemian Chandeliers
  • Pam B - Christening Dress and Bonnet
  • Patty G - Doll House Furniture
  • Sally F - Mittens for Homeless and Youth
  • Sue G - Picture Frame Mirror

Because of their uniqueness and creativity, we felt these entries deserved a second glance from or judges!

  • Danny K - Tea Pot Lamp
  • Claudia M Banner
  • Jacquelyn T - Kitchen Conversion Board
  • Laura M - Chandelier