Ultimate Upcycling Contest 2018 Winners

We asked you to use your imagination to create the winning project and be named Goodwill's Ultimate Upcycler ... The votes are in and we're pleased to announce the 2018 winners are Crystal L. and Ryan D.! We also have two honorable mention entries, Kelly S. and Brett M.! Congratulations to our winners and THANK YOU to all who entered! We hope you enter again next year!

Goodwill Utlimate Upcycling Contest Winner - Crystal L.

Winner: Crystal L. – Upcycled Portable Make-up Vanity

“With an old wooden chest, a board, picture frame, mirror, office organizers, a can of paint, old chair wheels, a paint easel holder, and a lot of love and elbow grease I made a portable compact makeup vanity. I don't have a lot of space in my bedroom and this is the perfect size. Plus the wheels make it easy to move around from room to room. Just about everything, except the glitter in the paint, that was used to make this, came from my local Goodwill.”

Goodwill Ultimate Upcycling Contest Runner Up

Runner-up: Ryan D. – Upcycled Brass Jewelry

“Trash to treasure! A brass peacock plate from Goodwill is now a series of necklaces. Each piece is handsawn with a jewelers coping saw.”

Ultimate Upcycling Contest Honorable Mention - Brett M. Ultimate Upcycling Contest Honorable Mention - Kelly S.

Honorable Mention: Brett M. – Upcycled Mason Jar Cigar Box Lamp

“A cigar box and Mason jar were used to create this upcycled lamp. Both were bought at Goodwill. The lighting components (lightbulb, socket, switch and wiring) were purchased new.”

Honorable Mention: Kelly S. – Upcycled TV Stand with Rulers

“I purchased an old TV stand at Goodwill and reimagined it with doors made from 20 yardsticks. It took some time to collect enough, and most came from Goodwill. I found a basket to hold remotes there, too.”

Ultimate Upcycling Contest 2018 Prizes

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