Goodwill's Ultimate Upcycling Contest

And, the winner is ...

We asked you to show us your mad skills for a chance to be named Goodwill's "Ultimate Upcycler." Your fan votes helped these entries make it into the Top 20, and a panel of Goodwill judges have selected the Winner and Runner-Up, which were selected based on a combination of fan votes and votes from the Goodwill panel of judges, based on a criteria of creativity, uniqueness and difficulty. Goodwill's Ultimate Upcycler for 2017 is ...

WINNER - 2017 Ultimate Upcycler - Jody M. - Portable Feeder
Goodwill Ultimate Upcycling Contest Winner - Jody M. Portable Feeding Station


“This portable feeding station for pets was made using an old travel case, a broken dry erase/blackboard easel, and two melamine bowls. All of it was found at Goodwill! The bowls and washable platform lift to expose storage below - perfect for carrying food, drink, leashes, and anything else you might need to bring along for your furry friend. The case closes to create a perfect case to take along on your next adventure with your pet.”

Jody will receive an Ultimate Crafter’s Basket, consisting of a $100 Goodwill gift card, a $100 Menard's gift card and a $100 Michael’s gift card.

Runner-up - Taylor C. - Play Kitchen

Goodwill Utlimate Upcycling Runner-up - Taylor C. Play Kitchen

“From the baking racks down to the freezer sliding door, I created this children's play kitchen ENTIRELY from goodwill materials. I purchased an old entertainment center and made it a little girls dream. Goodwill has and always will be my go-to with all my creative ideas!”

Taylor will receive a Crafter’s Basket, consisting of a $50 Goodwill gift card, a $50 Menard's gift card and a $50 Michael’s gift card.

Thank you to everyone who helped narrow down the entries!
We received more than 130 unique and creative submissions. Below are the top 20 that received the most fan votes.

Because of their uniqueness and creativity, we felt these entries deserved a second glance from or judges!

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