Winter 2018 Home Decor Trends

Decorative Fringe/Macramé

Fringe started fraying into the home décor world earlier this year, and it’s safe to say that it has officially taken off! This boho-inspired style isn’t just for summer festival attire. Decorative fringe has made its way onto walls, accent pillows, blankets and even furniture. Our favorite take is wall décor, where you’ll often see it referred to as macramé because of the knots typically adorning the fringe. This adds just the right amount of eclectic to your décor for a chic, yet relaxed, vibe. 

Sun-Bleached Wood

Last year, weathered gray wood tones took the spotlight. This year, the breezy and aged look of sun-bleached wood is the look of choice. While most people would think this wood only works in a beach atmosphere, sun-bleached wood has just enough warm brown tones to incorporate well into a variety of spaces, with both warm jewel tones and soft light hues. Look for multiple accent pieces to subtly sprinkle the trend into your space; mirror and picture frames, side tables and lamp bases are a great place to start! Tip: Can’t find the right piece? Age your furniture yourself! Look for an inexpensive wood décor piece to start. Use sand paper to add scuff marks and to get rid of the current base layer. Then, look for a sun-bleached stain to create the effect you’re looking for. Talk about custom piece!

Sun bleached wood

Wabi Sabi Style

In a nutshell, Wabi Sabi style is all about finding beauty in imperfection. Yes, you can give a big sigh of relief… as not worrying about imperfections in home décor is something we all could use a break from! This trend is about simplicity, about enjoying things in their natural state and purely accepting things as they are. Sometimes giving a “natural state” look ends up being more work than you would think. But this is not the case with Wabi Sabi style – think of it as a trend, but also a mindset. Some of the best ways to give this trend life in your home is through natural baskets. And you’re in luck, because Goodwill is THE place to go for baskets! Fill your baskets with your everyday items and spread them throughout your home. It’s about making your space fit your needs, so that it continues to bring your happiness.

Iridescent Accents

Wabi Sabi not your style? Then go for the lustrous side of the winter trend world with iridescent accents! These shimmery, pearl-like pieces incorporate best when done subtly. Small trays in the bathroom or vases in the kitchen are a great place to start. Pair these beautiful décor pieces alongside soft, light tones for a more cohesive look. White furniture pieces and gentle fabrics are just the ticket! You can even create this look yourself with “mirror finish” spray paint! Paint on the inside of a glass vase from Goodwill to give this mermaid inspired effect.

Iridescent - Source Anthropologie

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