Goodwill Summer Home Decor Trends 

Raw and Unfinished Furniture

As a contrast to brightly saturated upholstery that has been trending, raw and unfinished furniture gives your home an organic, earthy feel that’s fresh and welcoming. Pair this trend with other environmental pieces like organic style ceramics, stone vases, large plants, or foraged stems.

Shades of Yellow

Whether used as accent pieces, statement pieces, or a fresh new paint color, yellow is the go-to for warming up your home this summer. There is something about yellow that exudes comfort and joy without being overwhelming. When paired with neutral shades, yellows add the perfect contrast while keeping your room fun and inviting.

Big, Bold Plants

Nature is a common inspiration for home décor this season and when it comes to plants, the larger the better. Make sure you are choosing plants that you can easily care for, keeping in mind the amount of water and sunlight the plants will require to thrive.

Color Saturation

Over the last few years, grays and neutrals have been dominating our homes. Now, many people are heading in the opposite direction by bringing back deep, rich colors that add dimension and a variety of moods to living spaces.  Neutral lovers can ease into this trend by decorating with colorful pillows, blankets, and accent pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix-match patterns and choose pieces that bring you joy and carry over from season to season.

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