Spring Home Decor Trends 

Large Floral Patterns

What is spring without some beautiful blooms? Gone are last year’s subtle, dainty florals. This season, we’re welcoming the bold look of large floral patterns. We love how unexpectedly versatile this trend can be. A large area rug with dark bold florals can truly change the look of a living room or bedroom! Looking for a more playful take? Go for lighter, more whimsical blooms in curtains and pillows. The color of floral pattern is really what sets the stage for how the large florals will translate. We think of deeper hues as more sophisticated and edgy, while those pastels will give off a much more feminine feel. Whichever direction your home décor leans toward, big blooms are sure to add just the right touch of spring to get you out of the winter blues.

Feminine Tones

The feminine décor trend this season certainly has us swooning. We’re talking about the soft textures of velvet and leather, the stunning hues of blush and beige and all the ways decorators of utilizing those features. Our favorite way to incorporate new décor trends every season is through items that can be “quick swaps.” The first that comes to mind are throw pillows! Stow away your knit gray pillows from winter and replace them with lush, velvet pillows in a refreshing feminine tone. Replace those heavy brass decorative knick-knacks with white vases and frames. Start subtle, and before you know it, your home will be refreshed and ready for those spring breezes!

Sustainable/Handmade Pieces

Will this trend every really go out of style? We hope not, because it’s a wonderful way to showcase the beauty of Earth’s natural resources. This season, we’re seeing the sustainable/handmade trend flourish through clay and rice paper pieces specifically. Look for clay water pots that double as a floral vase. These perfectly accessorize a kitchen island, especially when filled with beautiful greenery. Rice paper is another stunning take on this trend, and 2019 is highlighting it within wall décor – swoon! Tip: create your own décor using these materials! Look to Goodwill for a shadow base that can act as a base for your rice paper wall décor. Next step: Pinterest! Or get your hands dirty at a pottery class for some truly one-of-a-kind pieces!

Acrylic Décor

Acrylic décor is one of the most versatile trends of the year, and we’re glad it appears to be here to stay for a while! One of the biggest reasons designers love this trend is that it doesn’t appear to take up a large amount of space visually. It lets your home itself do the talking. That’s where the transparency plays a role! That transparency also acts as a unique way to decorate. Many furniture pieces, like side tables, allow you to not only highlight decorative pieces on top of the table, but within the table as well. Everything gets to be on show! If you’re not quite ready to swap out your bar stools for acrylic ones, start small. The addition of acrylic office storage is a quick way to turn your space from drab to clean and chic!

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